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  1. I've been using Metro from Digital since quite a long time ill definetly give a shot to your blue one. Great feature and thank you for your work !
  2. Well for the "drifters" it's because they do install the physic mod. In my opinion even if winter is considered as a "Seasonal event" it's kinda sad that we can't activate it manually no matter what period of the year. I haven't personally tried out these new winter mods and i think they are nice. In TruckersMP we saw alot of freedom that we had dissappear with time and not only because of how abusing people were with that freedom but also for many other cases. Alot of excellent players with no punishments and years in the game get punish in a way because of other peoples mistakes. I'm not here to say what is good what is bad for the community and us the players. But that would be nice if that mod could stay a little bit more because it's very refreshing, the map of ETS is "plain" there's actually no dynamic into the weathers and the environment so in my opinion, that mod could add more of that especially if you like to play a little bit closer of the realistic side (take my words with pinch of salt there) when we travel to some areas that at certain period of the year snow might be present. Drive safe stay cool and happy trucking guys.
  3. Une présentation clean parmi beaucoup de VTC en recrutement ouvert, je dois admettre que grâce à celle-ci j'ai eu un petit coup de coeur. Une très bonne présentation permettant de bien comprendre vos attentes, et votre objectif avec votre VTC. J'ai postulé grâce à cela, j'ai hâte de vous rencontrez et d'en découvrir un peu plus sur votre équipe.
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