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  1. Atra

    Flag(s) next to Name

    Not too bad of an idea, saves using up space in your tag however it might require more rendering which isn't exactly helpful for people with low FPS or slow internet.
  2. I would say “death” because 90% of the time I don’t make it out alive
  3. Duisburg service station would be complete and utter hell if people tried to turn right out of it with a double trailer, which some people with single trailers seem to struggle with. Also the tight roads and high volume of traffic doesn’t mix well with double trailers either
  4. Good idea but I feel as if this would be abused in some sort of way by players to get through traffic on busy roads.
  5. Usually take the Calais-Duisburg but not too often as I don't really like to cause too much congestion. If I want a peaceful drive I'll usually head up to Bergen, Norway since the roads leading out of there are beautiful
  6. Although this is a good idea, and would decrease the amount of upturned skoda's around a bend, it would mainly defeat the purpose of driving one in the first place at-least to me. The main reason I drive a skoda is to get from point A to B quicker than I can in a truck especially if I don't have a garage to quick-travel to. -- Like many others have said, if you want to avoid accidents happening to you regarding skoda's, simply just change server or download a reliable recording software like Shadowplay (Nvidia) or ReLive (AMD) and report them on forums. Like I said, this is a good idea to decrease the number of accidents happening, but would indefinitely defeat the purpose of skoda's to me and many others. -1
  7. EU2 because it's pretty fun driving in populated areas, and it's especially a challenge on the Calais-Duisburg road which is also fun. For convoys I prefer EU3, because there are no cars.
  8. @Aestrial Understood, thank you for the clarification. Keep up the good work!
  9. How long are web reports meant to take to be tended to? I have one "waiting for admin" for the past 3 days, not sure if there are many others or it's just not being seen.
  10. Welcome to the forums! I've been here for about 4 months, really nice community when you get to know people, and a really good support team if you need help!
  11. Awesome work! The amount of times people have spawned on the road and spawned inside me, and gave me a heart-attack.
  12. I really enjoy the Scandinavia DLC, especially the roads in Norway I took from Bergen to Oslo. The scenery was just amazing!
  13. Atra

    Happy Birthday! All the best

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