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  1. hello, can you help me. I get banned from truckersmp for ca 2 years ago and I have waited until now. I have send a ban appeal for 1 day ago but no respond to me. plz unban me I'ts 2 years ago since last ban and I undo very much what I have done 

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    2. Positivetrucking168


      Hello there,

      I would kindly like to remind you that the forum is not the proper place to be discussing your ban. 


      Since you have already appealed your ban, all I can say at this time is to be patient.


      Thank you for your understanding.



      Community Moderator on the Forums



  2. prokile11211

    How to become In-game administrator?

    I KNOW but that was my friend i forgot to log out of my account before he play it.
  3. prokile11211

    How to become In-game administrator?

    hi I will be mod/admin because i really really like truckersmp and eurotruck I play on truckersmp mod every day many many hours. and every day i see very much ramming and blocking. and I be very Annoyed because people will always destroy me. Crashing and doing so I get 100% damage. I would very much like to fix that problem. There are very few mods / admins who do not do very much to help us. I would very much like to be courageous or admin because I want to help my friends who are annoyed by people who cry in them. And others not only my friends. I want to help the whole truckers community. Because I look at the server status to be day then there are some servers that lose more and more players because they get annoyed because there are not so many mods / admins that help. Hope you see this can give an exception and let me try as a mod / admin. Sincerely, Prokile11211.
  4. prokile11211

    help me plz plz read this i need help

    hey I try to start truckermps launcher and i don't get a update. christmas update i get and another update get. this update don't come from. I try to launch it. and i get a new version bla bla bla you need help to download update bla bla and i click "yes" and i have waited in hours now and nothing happen and when i take my mouse over the launcher is a timeglass and when i click on it. truckermp donst answer. I have seen on YT and i dont find a thing about this