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  1. hello, can you help me. I get banned from truckersmp for ca 2 years ago and I have waited until now. I have send a ban appeal for 1 day ago but no respond to me. plz unban me I'ts 2 years ago since last ban and I undo very much what I have done 

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    2. Bonnm




      Please make a Ban Appeal at http://truckersmp.com/appeals


      Talking about Bans on the Forum won't help you. 


      The Admin who banned you will rewatch your Appeal as soon as he has time for it. 


      Thank you. 



      Game Moderator

    3. PorscheGT3


      You could always try using the feedback system as well due to the length of time between the ban and the appeal - I don't know if developers are actually able to do anything with bans anymore, so you might have to use the feedback system to get an admin to review it.

    4. Positivetrucking168


      Hello there,

      I would kindly like to remind you that the forum is not the proper place to be discussing your ban. 


      Since you have already appealed your ban, all I can say at this time is to be patient.


      Thank you for your understanding.



      Community Moderator on the Forums



  2. prokile11211

    How to become In-game administrator?

    I KNOW but that was my friend i forgot to log out of my account before he play it.
  3. prokile11211

    How to become In-game administrator?

    hi I will be mod/admin because i really really like truckersmp and eurotruck I play on truckersmp mod every day many many hours. and every day i see very much ramming and blocking. and I be very Annoyed because people will always destroy me. Crashing and doing so I get 100% damage. I would very much like to fix that problem. There are very few mods / admins who do not do very much to help us. I would very much like to be courageous or admin because I want to help my friends who are annoyed by people who cry in them. And others not only my friends. I want to help the whole truckers community. Because I look at the server status to be day then there are some servers that lose more and more players because they get annoyed because there are not so many mods / admins that help. Hope you see this can give an exception and let me try as a mod / admin. Sincerely, Prokile11211.
  4. prokile11211

    help me plz plz read this i need help

    hey I try to start truckermps launcher and i don't get a update. christmas update i get and another update get. this update don't come from. I try to launch it. and i get a new version bla bla bla you need help to download update bla bla and i click "yes" and i have waited in hours now and nothing happen and when i take my mouse over the launcher is a timeglass and when i click on it. truckermp donst answer. I have seen on YT and i dont find a thing about this