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  1. Herhangi bir mod kullanıyorsan onları tek tek kaldırıp hangi modun hata verdiğini çözebilirsin.
  2. Ok, I problem solved thank you for everyone. You can close the topic.
  3. Is there a multiplayer compatible graphics mode?
  4. KaizeNG

    PC eatures

    Thank you, guys! Close the topic, please.
  5. KaizeNG

    PC eatures

    There's something I'm wondering. My pc features: GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti CPU: AMD FX(tm) 8350 Eigh-Core Processor (8 CPUs), 4.00 GHz RAM: 16 GB System Type: 64 SSD: James Donkey JD120 120GB 2.5" 3D Nand 510MB-440MB/sn Motherboard: ASUSTeK- M5A78L Do you think I can play ETS and ATS without a bottleneck? Can you tell how many FPS do you estimate the average? Thanks in advance!
  6. Delete the ETS 2 file from my documents and try to enter the game again. If you do not Buda re-install the game and delete the files. You can try.
  7. If you choose other truckers you can change the plate.
  8. ATS SP ve MP'de tırı modifiye ettikten sonra araçtan ses çıkmıyor korna sesi ve motor sesi skoda aldığımda bir problem yok tekrar tıra döndüğümde sorun oluyor yeni tır alıp denedim işe yaramadı belgerim klasörünü sildim tekrar girdim oda bir işe yaramadı sizce bunun sebebi nedir?
  9. Unfortunately, it didn't work I bought Skoda by car tried well then is okay but When I though truck again didn't sound work.
  10. I tried a new truck but it was not. I'll try.
  11. Noises in the game disappear after modifying the vehicle
  12. I don't think so something do ıt will be TruckersMP in the future, because of this job sense of belonging SCS! Maybe, SCS will do. Also, I think Road to the Black Sea after will be can Spain and Portogual DLC.
  13. The new update is very good. I think so will better the future.
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