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  2. Halaskâr

    F1 Discussion

    What do you mean?
  3. I do not agree, although the game is included, you enjoy the game more when you play it realistically, personally, I enjoy playing it more.
  4. I think the rules should be followed no matter what, personally, I am a habit of standing at the red light even when the road is empty.
  5. Does ProMods trailer modes work in multiplayer?
  6. I went all over the map a few times, I checked again, like I said, terminals, services, resting places, gas stations, labor agencies, galleries, all yellow but not 100%
  7. 99.98% of the map remained and I have discovered everywhere the services workers agency companies terminals but not 100% Can you help me pls
  8. Thank you, everyone, you can close the subject.
  9. https://ibb.co/47jXm9J Can you help me pls?
  10. Herhangi bir mod kullanıyorsan onları tek tek kaldırıp hangi modun hata verdiğini çözebilirsin.
  11. Ok, I problem solved thank you for everyone. You can close the topic.
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