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Community Answers

  1. Happy birthday bro🥳

  2. Welcome Back

  3. Hayırlı olsun kardeş tekrardan.

  4. I'm wondering how you did it now
  5. Hello @M.P'Gaming Go to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher" Go to the website and re-download and install Launcher with administrator privileges https://truckersmp.com/download/ Open Launcher with administrator privileges and click "Available Updates" Load"
  6. Yes, and I think it's likely only "Patreon" can use it. Of course, it would be great if all players use it. it was just my guess
  7. Do we have to drive on the DC road to reach this determination? Every model of DAF is better than Iveco, I say this with my 8 years of experience.
  8. Welcome back

    1. SpoonyUK


      Thank you :3

  9. SCS keeps waiting a lot, my classic guess is that it will come out like the end of the year as always
  10. Congrats! 

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