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  1. AirSociety

    Winter mod is now available!

    Winter mode not working
  2. AirSociety

    Winter Mod is updated

    Yes! That is that! I'm happy for winter mod came back.
  3. AirSociety


    Kabalık yerlerde FPS düşmesi gayet normal çok iyi bir sisteminde olsa FPS düşer ona elden bir şey gelmez ama sana tavsiyem genelde sakin yollarda sürmen D-C yolundan uzak dur.
  4. Happy Sundays, Good Morninng.. :)

    1. Snap Dragon

      Snap Dragon

      G'morning Air ;)

  5. If the development of TruckersMP develops games based on SCS, TuckersMP also needs to evolve.
  6. AirSociety

    Which of these games do you like?

    I have played 1452 hours of ETS 2 on my Steam account because the number of content more ATS than the number of players in the ATS is a different quality room nice but the number of players less graphic ATS ETS more beautiful.
  7. AirSociety

    How to use the CB Radio

    A nice guide for beginners. CB radio is very nice if not occupied unnecessary.
  8. AirSociety

    Ban Baiters

    If you are not very professional, look for the DC path as far as possible.
  9. AirSociety

    Off Topic Discussion

    Life without meaning by others seeks the meaning of life. Free thoughts will surely look for this. Philosophy began with such curiosity. The first philosophers set off with questions about the beginning of the universe and the first cause. To free yourself is to remain alone with the question. The survivors of their chains are looking for answers. The answer to the question comes with the problem of, expression Sorun as we said at the beginning. It can be difficult to find an answer that everyone will compromise. The meaning of life can be the search for meaning. What we can say here is that the question of the meaning of life is more important and interesting than the answer. If the person who frees himself reaches this question, what is the meaning of the meaning of life? It is obvious that finding an answer to the question or question will lead to more questions. Suppose: life is an examination. What kind of a test is then? Measuring what? Who is his teacher? Can we start with the question we want? Thousands of questions such as, we will tamper with our minds. The hypothetical ones, like myself, have reviewed all these possibilities. There are people who really sleep with this question. There are enthusiasts who believe in all possibilities and question one by one and do not exclude any possibility. These people, who can be called life figures, end up with a strange smile. Life has no meaning, or rather it means to live the meaning of life. This corresponds to a philosophy between nothingness and being. It is a thought world where everything is meaningful and meaningless. It is like living in the meaning of life. We asked what is the meaning of life, but we have not responded. Response may not be possible as communication. We cannot express the meaning of life on which we agree with the words we agree on. There is also a method issue. Life is a movement in which we are already returning. Most of us try to stand in the turn and ask for the reason. Let's think like a Ferris wheel. You grew up in it, and you don't even know things like lockers, turns, turns. Because it's not in your nature. Asking the meaning of life will be like a mistake. Although some intellectuals insist on looking for it, it is not possible to see this cabinet unless it goes outside. That's a search for our life locker. Maybe what we said at the beginning is more important. Why are some of us wondering if most of us have no business with these questions? Crowds look at this philosophy as crazy. According to philosophers, not to wonder the meaning of life is an oddity. So how do we live without knowing what life we've had many problems with? How do we live the life we don't even know?
  10. AirSociety

    Profiles Dosyasında Profil Dosyası Yok

    Autosave, gamesii dosyasının içinden dorse plakasını değiştirebilir miyiz peki? Yoksa başka bir saveden mi değiştirmemiz gerekiyor?
  11. Good night guys! :)


    1. BlackSkill


      Good Night ;) 

    2. Chev


      Goodnight Society. :)

  12. AirSociety

    Changes to bug reporting

    Support team needs to look at these jobs nice feature thanks
  13. AirSociety


    Yeni güncelleme gelene kadar diğer sunucularda oynayacaksın o zaman.
  14. AirSociety


    Yukarıdaki arkadaşlarımın da belirtiği gibi diğer sunucularda da eğer aynı hatayı alıyorsanız sabırla yeni bir güncelleme gelene kadar SP mod da oynayın. ATS oyununa sahipseniz oradan da online bağlanıp sorununuz orada da devam ediyor mu etmiyor mu bakabilirsiniz.
  15. My first phone was Nokia 3310.