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  1. Lipsiatrucker

    Update 1.35 release

    I'm patient. I just asked as to how long it will take approx. to come out...
  2. Lipsiatrucker

    Update 1.35 release

    As I said, downgrading doesn't work for me since my game crashes (for a reason I haven't found out yet) when I start the MP on 1.34. So I'm basically stuck on the 1.35. That's why I was wondering how long it will take for the 1.35 to be released on TMP-Servers
  3. Lipsiatrucker

    Update 1.35 release

    I know that this has been asked a lot... buuuut how long will it approx. take to get the Multiplayer to 1.35? I can't patch back my game because it crashes it, and I want to join TMP asap
  4. Lipsiatrucker

    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    If you watched the video please give me feedback. I'm pretty much new to editing and would love to hear your advice
  5. Lipsiatrucker

    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    3rd episode of things I've witnessed. Still not the video I'd like to upload (still in progress). @0zann wished the song "Bludfire" for this video. Tell me what music you'd like to be in here, and I'll be happy to include them Enjoy:
  6. Lipsiatrucker

    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    Hello everyone, just wanted to give you a reminder that I probably will not be able to put up another video in the next weeks, so I'll fill the space with some screenshots. I currently am working on a very nice montage different from the other too. I'll hope to show you the nice side of TruckersMP in this one, since I had the feeling that the last two montages spread out a lot of negativity and doesn't really picture the gorgeous side of ETS... Stay tuned Lipsia
  7. Lipsiatrucker

    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    Here is my 2nd montage: Enjoy the video
  8. Lipsiatrucker

    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    I'm currently working on my 2nd Video with other music, but I'll make sure to implement your music into one of the following Videos. Thanks for your recommendation
  9. Lipsiatrucker

    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    I have a pretty dark past when it comes to ETS2MP bans. Sometime I realized what big of an idiot I was and just started to drive after the traffic rules. Someone has to do it, right?
  10. Lipsiatrucker

    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    Good adventures
  11. Here's a short montage of things I've witnessed: Don't take it too serious, still let me know what you think. I always appreciate constructive criticism. I'll try to edit those kind of videos every now and then. Leave some music-recommendations (or your own montages) in the comments Have Fun ~Lipsia
  12. Hey, yesterday I took a job from Bern to Frankfurt. Half way, it was late. I decided to go to bed. Today I ended the delivery, and I was 57 hours too late... Is this because the time in the multiplayer goes on all the time even tho you aren't in the game? If yes how could I fix this? Thank you for antwortues. Drive safe, lipsiatrucker