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  1. No i see it like that they are busy to get the MP to work as it should. The more ppl paste stuff on their trucks with save edit and by that causing the game to crash, cause lagg or fps drop or whatever other problem somebody might have by ppl using excessive save edit is not the way it should be. Amongst those ppl are streamers and some of them don't have the best internet connections or setups. Now that is not the interest of TMP but it is in the interest of the streamer who does not like it when his frames drop that low because somebody has too much stuff put on hus truck. Why would you put 10 horns in one slot or would you paste 100 headlights in one spot. You might think it looks cool but the items all have to load into the other player that is coming near to you. That is the problem. Want to use those save edit trucks? Use them in Single Player. Having said that all above but @Nataliia There are mods on the Steam workshop that are working on the Multiplayer wich are not allowed by the new rules. Would it not be an idea to cut those off from being used in the first place? For some ppl it now seens that these kind of mods are allowed on MP just because they are on the Steam Workshop and they work in MP. Maybe autokick would work.
  2. It seems pretty clear to me. Don't use any time like horns, lights bullbars etc.. more than once in one slot. Is that so hard to understand? I had to tell that to one of my vtc drivers. If you place a horn on a roof without a roofbar using a save-edit. Just do it once. In my opinion you can use a hybrid truck (Iveco cabin on Daf chassis or whatever with any other engine or gearbox) Please correct me if i'm wrong there. and on that just one piece of option (horn, bar or light) in one slot (one item per slot) Just don't put multiple stuff in one slot. I have a good pc and internet connection but in my vtc convoys i here often that that the fps drops like hell and they even got lagg because some of you think that that two sun visors, double exhausts in the same place or even paste lile 100 times the headlights over eachother to get that green looking light. That is where other ppl get into trouble because the internet connection, computer etc. is not that good to load that all in. That is causing lagg and fps drop. And then again i would ask why all this save edits are 'cool' two sun visors over eachoter? Would somebody stick that on a real truck? C'mon guys and girls. It's a Simulator and let us keep it that way, act like that en do like that or, go play another game if that is not your thing. Happy Trucking! Next to not allowed it has no use as the noise wll not be more or bigger.
  3. Thank you very much mwl4. Great job!!
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