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  1. Especially on MP.
  2. Three word story making...

    delivering special package
  3. Do you play FPS (first-person shooter) games?

    ^ If you ever want to come back to FPS where people actually do teamwork I recommend Project Reality or Squad.
  4. Do you play FPS (first-person shooter) games?

    I play America's Army: Proving Grounds and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Earlier I played CS 1.6, Payday 2 (sometimes coming back to it), Project Reality. Sometimes I make breaks when I get angry because my laptop doesn't like smokes, so I am more prone to lose then. If not that I am mostly doing well despite low fps, having a decent amount of nice plays.
  5. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Considering that we have North (Scandinavia), West (France), South (Italy), next would be East (Ukraine)?
  6. Max speed question

    It was 750hp Volvo so nothing better they could have.
  7. Max speed question

    I was driving without trailer 142-143km/h and then two guys with trailers passed me like they had 10-20km/h more. How is that possible on EU2?
  8. [SCS Blog] Unknown video footage

    Italy DLC
  9. I was driving in ATSMP with Heavy Haul cargo (Transformer), passed guy on right lane and I'm going up on ramp, slowed down and start turning, then this guy I passed like 5-10s ago is driving through me like I wasn't there, he just continues driving and my truck+cargo is bouncing all over the place ending with 40% damage. This guy had ping similiar to me. Is this something tied to desync, this guy usuig some kind of hack or maybe new bug with Heavy Haul?
  10. Squirrel dzisiaj wieczorem będzie streamował Arizone, tutaj jest wpis na twitter potwierdzający to:
  11. Screenshots!

    My first 140mph corner in car:
  12. Funny Videos Thread

  13. has been released.

    What about mp client downloaded directly from workshop?
  14. has been released.

    There's update for ATS and ETS. Hope we get mp soon.