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      Game versions updated - It's time to downgrade!   08/16/17

      Once again a new version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have been released. If you wish to carry on playing TruckersMP, for the time being you will need to downgrade your game versions to   ETS2: "temporary_1_27 - 1.27.x for incompatible mods" ATS: "temporary_1_6 - 1.6.x for incompatible mods"   Use the following to learn how to downgrade:      Thanks!


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  1. Unsupported game version! Help me!

    I know this may sound stupid, but have you tried rebooting your computer? Then check to see if you have opted in to betas, and if so opt out. If this doesn't work, backup the profiles folder in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder in documents. i.e. C:\Users\"User Name"\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles. Then go into Steam, right-click on ETS2, select properties, local files, then select verify integrity of game files. This may take a while. If this doesn't work, and this is where the profiles save comes in handy, uninstall the game. Reinstall it, then launch SP, and when it is launched, close back out. Don't make a new profile, just back out. Then go back into the ETS2 folder in documents and copy over the profiles folder and relaunch the game. If this doesn't work then I don't know what will.
  2. Hybrid Trucks

    The best way to do this is using Ultimate MP Truck Customization by Forerunner. Instructions and downloads are in the post. .
  3. Game Suddenly Freezes

    Making a new profile doesn't help.
  4. Game Suddenly Freezes

    Is this a common problem?
  5. Game Suddenly Freezes

    Before the last update ETS2MP worked fine. When I updated however, if I take a ferry or F7 to service, the game freezes. I have no mods installed, and this only happens in MP. I have reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows which didn't solve anything. My logs are here as you won't allow uploads over 0.49MB. P.S. Sorry I use advanced logs.
  6. What Mods Are Supported?

    Thanks. You can close the thread now.
  7. Every time i load up game, i get this message anyone help.

    Make sure the game is updated to support the DLCs.
  8. Pilot Lights

    You can only use the Pilot Skin and the Pilot beacons. Using the Police options will kick you, and you will have to change it in SP, then reload MP.
  9. What Mods Are Supported?

    All of my engine mods, and others don't show up in ETS2 or in the Settings of the TruckersMP Menu under "Mods". I know mods are supported. Please provide a list of mods that work with TruckersMP.