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  1. Do you mean take a job? And I use quick jobs, and I start them in mp.
  2. I have a problem with the time, sometimes when I start a job. It says I'm late. When I finish the job, it says I'm late like by 100 hours or 30. Help?
  3. Trasnlation: New, Temporary-internet files.
  4. Oh whoops, here it is? K now I know what you want, btw i dont see the link to the post anywhere.
  5. I just disabled hidden files, but when i got in the windows folder. No INetCache. And one thing, how i clean the temp files?
  6. I tried finding the appdata folder but its nowhere to be found.
  7. I have a problem contacting the servers on start of ETS2 MP. How can I fix this? btw lemme explain the russian: An exception from, в is in or at.
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