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  1. Missing my truck.




    Miss solo hauling the late nights too and hanging with friends and randoms



    Miss that Volvo everyone hated especially when people would say “Volvo sucks” haha always thrilled me more in driving it more.born lover of kenworth always will be but I did made Volvo seem badass when I was rocking it.


    Miss good old chill spot Phoenix.

    miss it all!


    So many memories unlimited too they  were all good even the disagreements with friends more like ‘legendary’

    haha And sure will make more in 2yrs time. 













  2. I miss this....

  3. Well lets not point our tits up because its overall a "Map mod" which they currently stated before they will not add any mods to TMP.
  4. Not a bad idea could just have separate servers in this case one with original map only that people with lower spec pc can enjoy tmp and the other server with original map + promods that way performance wont be a clash between low end pc users and high end pc users
  5. Gratz holmes :mlg_doge:

    1. Savage.


      Thank you Gonzalez :)

  6. actually its over cause i win! YAY!!
  7. This might be simple but actually the fumiest thing i've seen is me stopping at a red traffic light and watching the person on the opposite side having the right away to go cause they had a green and actually just sat there and then when i had a green that's the time they decided go
  8. Happy Birthday #BlueTeam! and good job all
  9. -Gonzalez-

    Small roads?

    In between Szczecin - Gdansk - Olsztyn - Bialystok (going east dlc)
  10. i enjoy driving at the speed limit but sometimes bump things off when there's no around just to have a lil fun.
  11. i mean you have nothing to worry about if you haven't done anything wrong all that matters is knowing TMP rules and road rules when you out there so do your best at driving and ignore
  12. Ive maybe been on the C-D about 10 times now and every experience was just terrible...for a very famous route i think what keeps it famous is the things that happens there obviously so with that thrill up its gonna be the same for a very longtime and tips https://ets2map.com/ many still don't know about of it. it can actually be used as a radar.
  13. thinking of this too is not actually a bad idea more realistic
  14. This suggestion is a really good one i hope it gets implemented.
  15. 60194e54ac053316cf1f430ec58c07fa.jpg



    BAD BWOY!!@Armonk

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    2. -Gonzalez-


      hmmm that's wired but it should of worked 73b64035be36c94cb087485b697b289f.png

      did you copy the direct link and past @Big Shawn??

    3. [Mega Trans] CrystaL
    4. The B3AST

      The B3AST

      I knew that! I was just making sure you were on the top of your game! :):P

      Thanks! Worked like a charm!!!


  16. Wish you many many more to come happy Birthday Coco :wub:

  17. hmm well be seeing more cars driving on server not bad
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