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      Hello Truckers! In response to recent developments with certain processor exploits We will be shutting down US1 / AS1 / SA1 until we get confirmation from the datacenters that the shared physical servers that these are hosted on have been patched. While at this time we are not aware of any active attacks against our users, we take security extremely seriously and do not want to risk any chances as they are on hardware shared with other customers of whom we do not know. You may also notice the website being unavailable for a few moments over the next few days. This is due to our datacenter provider patching our fleet of 30 servers. We apologize for any frustrations this may cause, however know this is a very important step that is required to secure our users data. Thank you for your understanding.   Forum thread Homepage blog post


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  1. Connection broken

    Ok, it was ISP's fault, thx for answers and please move to solved.
  2. Connection broken

    EU#1 - Reply from bytes=32 time=707ms TTL=56 Reply from bytes=32 time=54ms TTL=56 Reply from bytes=32 time=53ms TTL=56 Reply from bytes=32 time=1225ms TTL=56 EU#2 - Reply from bytes=32 time=99ms TTL=55 Reply from bytes=32 time=59ms TTL=55 Reply from bytes=32 time=46ms TTL=55 Reply from bytes=32 time=45ms TTL=55 US#1 - Reply from bytes=32 time=1907ms TTL=51 Reply from bytes=32 time=153ms TTL=51 Reply from bytes=32 time=150ms TTL=51 Reply from bytes=32 time=147ms TTL=51
  3. Connection broken

  4. Connection broken

    Internet through the cable doesn't work, my ISP's site says that i can't connect and i need to type the access code.
  5. Connection broken

    Ok, i will ---------------- I already downloaded the updates
  6. Connection broken

    There are other people connected :/
  7. Connection broken

    Nope, it didn't fix the problem.
  8. Connection broken

    Wi-Fi, my ISP name is GryfNet
  9. Connection broken

    missing file privileges - yes, by rebooting computer ports - i dont think so
  10. Connection broken

    Stil doesn't work.
  11. Connection broken

    Hi @EnLight, it still doesnt work. Maybe i will add more details: First it says that im in queue, then it says "OFFLINE" for a while, then "AUTHENTICATING" and then "Connection with server has been broken" on chat.
  12. Connection broken

    hi @oolala11 Installing ETS2 right now, i will tell if it works when its done. Wooow... 99% installing and "MISSING FILE PRIVELLEGES", i have a new problem i think. "missing file..." problem has been solved but truckersmp doesnt work, i opened ports on and firewall but still doesnt work.
  13. Connection broken

    When i want to play the text in top-right corner says "Authenticating" and then i see "Connection with the server has been broken" message on chat.