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  1. by the way, ・ I cannot connect if there are people on the sim1 server. ・ I can connect to other servers even if there are people.(Not kicked) If the line is a problem, I don't know why it can connect with other servers. sim1 server hate my computer
  2. I always have a wired connection to truckersmp. When I tried the google speed test, the problem computer was slower than the other computers, so the network card may be the cause. I will change the network card in the near future, and ask if there is a problem. Thank you
  3. Hello everyone I tried to connect to Sim1 server "Connection with server has broken" Many times, even if the connection is ready "Unreliable connection" disconnects from the server. 1, erasing the DNS cache and reinstalling the luckers MP launcher were meaningless 2, In the SIM 2 server, there is no "connection with server has broken" or "unreliable connection". 3, Sim1 servers can connect to less than 10 people. 4, another PC can be connected to the Sim1 server. A video showing me trying to connect to the sim1 server
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