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  1. Merry Christmas Everybody! :D

  2. Have a great Christmas everyone! :wub:

    TruckersMP - Moments in Multiplayer #16 is up!

    Check it out here: 


    1. RodiM


      Merry Christmas :P 

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
  4. Vote for Euro Truck Simulator 2 for the 'Most Fun with a Machine' award in the Steam Games Awards 2018! :wub:


    1. RodiM


      You voted well :P 

    2. TotalDiesel


      My 2 favourite games made it in so I'm pretty happy about that :P

      (ETS2 and Dead by Daylight)

  5. I like this idea but I think a lot of the punishments could overlap which wouldn't be so good. For example, at what point would an offense be serious enough to ban the user from TruckersMP and not just banned from using cars?
  6. I'm so tired... But I don't want to ruin my sleep schedule again by going to bed early... Especially with Christmas coming... What do? -_-

    1. RodiM


      Drive some miles m8, best thing to do :P 

    2. TotalDiesel


      Dude I'll fall asleep at the wheel and crash :lol:

    3. RodiM


      Ahahahah ok so it´s better not to drive xD 

  7. TruckersMP Test Stream! Come say Hello!


    1. RodiM


      Nice, gonna watch :P 

    2. TotalDiesel


      @RodiM I appreciate you stopping by and saying Hi man! Just trying to get my settings right for now :D A few test streams will be needed I think!

  8. Hi all, Just a quick question about tags and names in-game... Apologies if this has already been asked but I couldn't find an answer anywhere. What is the maximum character length of the tag+name? (or at what point does the tag get 'cut-off' with it being too long to display fully). Thanks!
  9. Very important topic, @[VIVA] Quad! Potentially lifesaving information!
  10. Only 1 week until Christmas! Here's an old screenshot.. I took this on Christmas Eve 2015! ^_^


    1. RodiM


      Cool Pic m8, merry Christmas :P 

    2. BlueTale73
    3. TotalDiesel


      Merry Christmas guys :D

  11. Thank you for the follow!

    1. RodiM


      Thank you too m8!

  12. Hey guys, if anyone is looking for a Christmas gift for me.. I'll have one of these, thanks! :)



    1. RodiM


      Thats a nice truck m8 :love:

  13. New Truck Released guys!


    Scania .... Actros ..? :huh:



    1. JJay


      Ahh... this mod xD It's looking horrible 

    2. Prototype
  14. *Christmas Mode Engaged*





    1. BlizzardCrow


      Is this an DLC? :O (The Interior Things)

    2. TotalDiesel


      Yes, these are from the Cabin Accessories DLC! I think some of the Christmas stuff is from the Christmas Paint Job pack DLC though too. :)

    3. BlizzardCrow


      Thank you. Just bought the Christmas Paint Job Pack :D 

  15. Congrats and Good Luck :D

  16. Thanks for the follow! :)

    1. HelenAndio


      You're welcome :)

  17. The weekend is here guys! Happy Trucking! :D

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Happy Trucking ^-^

    2. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      Have a nice weekend and happy trucking :wub:

  18. So I got a very nice welcome when I joined the Server today :rolleyes:


    1. [23]ThunderSky


      WOOOOOOOOW That's incredible! It's a DREAM!

      We must celebrate things like this :lol:

    2. TotalDiesel
  19. Nope, unfortunately not. Closest thing to it would be starting a Virtual Trucking Company, then hiring real drivers through that!
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