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  1. @  Killua // Ireland ^_^    Oh my god, your cow is flying.:troll:946483C36ABBE06E9B96E78023747F549A668DA4


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      LOL :lol:  my profile picture is white :o not supposed to be :huh:

  2. [China-L F](036)CYR

  3. [China-L F](036)CYR

  4. [China-L F](036)CYR

  5. [China-L F](036)CYR

  6. [China-L F](036)CYR

    恩,一个慈善活动,不过我参加不了,我没法国DLC。 活动时间是8月4号,5号,6号,7号,4天的活动
  7. [China-L F](036)CYR

  8. [China-L F](036)CYR

  9. [China-L F](036)CYR

  10. [China-L F](036)CYR

  11. http://truckers.events/event/491-77-Memorial-Convoy@[VNS-ESCORT] N.P. H?ng Will members of the VNS team participate in the event?:)

    1. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

      [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

      It's so late :(

      18:10 BST ~ 00:00 UTC+7. At this time, the most of our member is on their bed :P

      But don't worry, maybe we have some member can participate :)

  12. Thank you for the official event, and thank you very much for the administrators in this event. Thank you for navigating our large number of gamers! You've had a long day. Respect: game developers, administrators, and media personnel. - from China
  13. If possible, I hope more game lovers will join us. Pray for london! Pray for the world!
  14. I have no team, I belong to the casual game player, I can actively participate in? Pray for london! Coming from China
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