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  1. DLC Content

    If you are playing ETS for a long time, we recommend all DLC
  2. Design\Graphics

    @one_a_plus Hello Welcome To The Forum Thanks for the topic
  3. Thank you for your follow! :)

  4. 2nd day on MP and not as great as the first.

    You are only advised to stay away from crowded areas, especially DC
  5. What Transmision do you use?

    I use 6 gears because it accelerates faster
  6. Whats you're favorite pet?

    I have a dog and i love it very much pitbull
  7. How long do you drive?

    My long ride is 760 km,and I'm leaving half an hour after the server
  8. Greeting other truckers?!

    Sometimes I salute people but only my friends
  9. Good Nıght TMP :wub: and New Name CaptainBombZ :D 

    1. CrackPrewier


      Good night buddy :) yeah ı know :D 

  10. A little driving in DC 

    @CrackPrewier  Thanks :wub:




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    2. CrackPrewier
    3. Carrera18


      aha gitti 4 tane rep hakkın :D bi seferde basılırmı öle :D @BombZ

    4. CaptainBombZ


      @Carrera18 Gitsin sizden değerlimi :)

  11. Good Nıght Truckers MP -_- 
  12. Thanks for the follow! Much appreciated :) 

  13. which country of the game is crowded

    Calais duisburg and brussel city is very crowded
  14. Happy Birthday :wub: