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  1. For clarification, this thread is about the truck companies you usually see when you are out and about. A thread like this probably already exists, plus i don't really hang around here that much now. Here is my list. (Doesn't include FarmFoods or Home & Bargains) Woodside Haulage Ltd. McBurney Transport. Kennedy Transport (Usually hauling Guiness) S.Norton The uncommon/rare companys. Nagel Group (Langdons) Foreign Companies i've seen. Elpozo (Spain) I can also remember seeing a truck from Lithuania, but i don't really remember it. DFDS (Usually at college) (Once) Symril Blue Water (Once) Thomas Boers (NL) (Once) J.Heebink (NL) MarkPol, (kinda common, Poland) Ambro.Pl (Poland) DSV (Denmark) Fili Scalabrin (I believe they are a French Company?) And theres my list, i apologize for it for being long, i do have somewhat of a great memory.
  2. RXRNathan

    [Forum game] Post an insane lie about the user above you

    Probably hates twix bars.
  3. RXRNathan

    Is this road the toughest road in ETS2?

    Unrelated, i think there's a road with several curves for miles in Switzerland. Really challenging, i would suggest you take it nice and slow.
  4. RXRNathan

    Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    I was suggested by a friend to disable them. I was in the Scandanavia area, and a random event popped up, i hit a sign, 5% damage to my truck and 1% for trailer.
  5. RXRNathan

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for incorrect ban format.
  6. RXRNathan

    Share Your Desktop

    https://imgur.com/jugRBCZ (It isn't letting me paste it)
  7. RXRNathan

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for disrespecting size.
  8. RXRNathan

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned because, what did i miss?
  9. RXRNathan

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned because there is no way to stop spamming the topic with bans. (Well, that is, if the topic gets locked :P)
  10. RXRNathan

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned because (Yes i'm still around, just not as much) since i haven't banned anyone in a month and you are my lucky pick!
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    Simulation and /Fix

    So what happens, what are the results? i'm not satisfied at the minute.
  12. RXRNathan

    [15x ETS2/ATS DLC Giveaway] Members Giveaway

    Good luck all!
  13. I know that its streamed on PC, and usually he uses the in game console to switch to different places with copying and pasting different coordinates. I don't know how he technically does that without having to go to the start menu.
  14. RXRNathan

    Top Visited Country

    Duisberg is part of Germany, FYI. Here is my top 3. 1. France. 2. Germany. 3. Netherlands.
  15. RXRNathan

    Always late

    The TruckersMP clock is different compared to Multiplayer, even if you were to close the game, the clock would carry on, which can make you late.
  16. RXRNathan

    Do you guys record your drivings?

    I use Plays.TV for recording highlights of weird events and dummies on the road. For some reason, i got locked out my account for an unknown reason, i'll try to recover my password.
  17. RXRNathan

    Cast your vote for the /fix command

    So basically 20 hours in order for 10 Steam accounts to be verified for TruckersMP? Maths may be incorrect, CMIIW.
  18. I would use it as a solution, but no. That server has no population what so ever, and i hate playing on sparsely populated servers. Don't get me wrong OK, i've not had time to play MP in the past couple of weeks.
  19. I'm pretty disappointed because of this, i always used a No Damage mod because i was sick and tired of the trolls who rammed me, now with this rule illegali'm gonna have to go back, and be rammed over and over again and get very little pay or no pay for my jobs. I might even have to cancel them depending on the damage I wouldn't even intend on using the no damage mod to ram other players, the mod by Avgerhos also contained an unlimited fuel script, i'm guessing that would also get me permanently banned?
  20. RXRNathan

    I got a problem with headlights ...

    The reason why your getting kicked from the game is because you have the snow mod enabled. You must have your headlights enabled at all times. You will not be warned if you turn your engine off AS LONG AS HEADLIGHTS ARE ENABLED. If you turn off your headlights, you have 10 seconds to turn them back on or you get kicked from the server. This is not a headlights bug, its a rule of the snow mod. Here is what i mean. I hope my information should help you, if you need more information on the snow mod, here's a link.
  21. Happy Christmas everyone, and happy birthday to me!

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      Hey you can't ban me this isn't Ban The Person Above You Because Of Their Status Update

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      LSPD Gamer

      Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and BANNED

    4. RXRNathan
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    Three word story making...

    to get revenge
  23. RXRNathan

    the reason why i quit ETS2MP

    I quit MP for a while since i was bored of not having any DLC, i got most of the important DLC a few weeks ago during the Steam sale, i also got ATS with the sale, i haven't played in mainly 2 weeks, i edited a config file which made my ATS and ETS2 unplayable, i had to uninstall and start fresh. Now i'm gonna have to go to random garages, recruitment agencys, and start over again, i should've backed my files up so my data was safe. But IMO i don't have a clue how you do that. Sorry to see you've had a bad time with MP, and i wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.
  24. I wanted to make this poll because i was in a mood of hearing other peoples opinions. The Steam Autumn Sale ends tomorrow, so if you haven't made your mind up, think quickly!
  25. RXRNathan

    Whats the weather outside?

    Just bored and making this forum game for fun. Basically you just say what the weather is outside. Simple as that. The weather outside for me is cloudy, it snowed during the night but its probably not gonna last long.