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  1. Finally normal MULTIPLAYER, thanks
  2. Domantas.S.

    Ford F-Max

    Hmmm looks not bad.
  3. I suggest do not drive on this road, there are many alternative roads.
  4. I think that the speed limiter should be locked at 90 km/h | 56 mp/h on EU1 server. But 150 km/h on the other servers is enough, and i hope TruckersMP will not change that.
  5. Suggestion Name: More engines and gearbox for Scout car. Suggestion Description: I suggest add more engines and gearbox to the Scout car, that could work in the TruckersMP. There would be great to have more choise i think. So i just put more engines and gearbox to the original TruckersMP Scout car and i do not changed nothing more. The engine power has been copied from the real Skoda, as you know there're VW Group engines. If you interested with that, let me know. Btw. (7th GEAR WORKS AT 2500 RPM WHEN YOU REACH 150KMH) Any example images: Why should it be added?: To have more choice and fun. Test link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ebb7t1odzj5kcrl/scout.scs/file
  6. Suggestion Name: Scout car speedometer in mp/h-km/h. Suggestion Description:Hello, maybe this is not so important, but i think in American Truck Simulator for scout cars should have be option to choose speedometer in mp/h-km/h [USA Style], like in the reality. Any example images: Why should it be added?:Due to realistic design.
  7. Very nice idea, thank you TruckersMP.
  8. I using some of these advices of that guide, but usually I teleport to service with f7.
  9. From the start of this project, every update looks bether and bether. NICE PROJECT!!!
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