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  1. Didn't know that someone made it for sp too. Nice job my friend
  2. ^ You need the Halloween spirit mate . It will be gone in a few days, they made it just for the ocasion.
  3. ^ correct, the event will end at the collections of 15M. Just do the 10 deliveiries to recieve the 1st part of prices, and when we finish 15M we gonna get the 2nd part of prices.
  4. ^ a friend of mine had the same issue. In the first place he thought to re-install the multiplayer but this didn't fix the issue. When he updated the Net Framework 2017 this problem never showed up. You should try with that, else i have no clue what causes the issue.
  5. 1.32 has very nice updates, but i miss some old modified trailers that don't work anymore
  6. Trucks for the win, else the game would be called "Euro Car Simulator 2"
  7. hmm, my post will bring the thread at top. Won't be the last for sure
  8. Pretty nice for modifications, but some places for sure need some lighting.
  9. There is a pretty good explanation why. You have a mod and using it. I won't be able to see it just because i don't have it. In that case either i will need to get the mod too, or it should be imported to the server - which won't happen as the server will just drop (will be very "heavy") because of all these uploads.
  10. Was waiting for it. Thank you for the beatiful work again
  11. hey, maybe i didn't explain my answer very well. there are so specific settings for the car. I am talking about the general in-game settings. Like the brake stability etc. These stuff can be changed inside the game. so in that case you can make a new profile and customize the settings to fit in the car.
  12. Part of the biggest greek gaming community of ets2. Multiplayer ETS2.GR
  13. ETS2 and ATS profiles at 100% with all garages filled with maxed trucks and drivers.
  14. Winter is coming, i am not a very big fan of the winter mod, but i kinda like it.
  15. That's because your settings are set for the trucks. You can go and change all the settings but it's really bad idea. Maybe a new profile with customized settings just for the car should do the work?
  16. First, thank you for the replies. As i said above i don't have any bans / warnings - as far as i know at least. The thing is that i don't want to make another account for the game. Just the one was fine if i could unlink it. @heyhococo i guess there is not other way? if i talk with the administrators? @Total EDM considering that i can't unlink my account yes, the question has been answered even though i didn't like it. Anyway, i will see it when i make my new steam account and get the game again. Thank you.
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