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  1. Didn't know that someone made it for sp too. Nice job my friend
  2. Καλησπέρα πως μπορώ να μπω στην ομάδα;


    1. [ETS2.GR] Alligatoras

      [ETS2.GR] Alligatoras

      Καλησπέρα. Δυστυχώς όπως κατάλαβες δεν είμαι τόσο ενεργός στο φόρουμ της TruckersMP. Για να γίνεις μέλος της ομάδας μας "https://www.facebook.com/groups/multiplayer.ets2.gr/" και αντίστοιχα οι υπεύθυνοι συντονιστές της ομάδας μας θα σε καθοδηγήσουν και θα σε ενημερώσουν για τις λεπτομέρειες.

  3. ^ a friend of mine had the same issue. In the first place he thought to re-install the multiplayer but this didn't fix the issue. When he updated the Net Framework 2017 this problem never showed up. You should try with that, else i have no clue what causes the issue.
  4. Trucks for the win, else the game would be called "Euro Car Simulator 2"
  5. hmm, my post will bring the thread at top. Won't be the last for sure
  6. There is a pretty good explanation why. You have a mod and using it. I won't be able to see it just because i don't have it. In that case either i will need to get the mod too, or it should be imported to the server - which won't happen as the server will just drop (will be very "heavy") because of all these uploads.
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