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  1. so I have a Question may I use VR on TMP

    1. Next7


      No, you can't. 

    2. RayRiver21


      oh ok thanks

  2. what on my mind well I don't know, boredom 

    wonder if there a convoy about the breast cancer awareness 

  3. 0.o my dad is gonna play ATS on MP soon, I'm scared

    1. RayRiver21


      yes I'm still alive


  4. I do love convoy, but I hate it being on Sunday because of church and I have to stay at church on 9am(09:00) till 3 pm (15:00) eastern time at the USA


  5. Convoy streaming and please watch

    1. RayRiver21


      ps my brother is streaming

  6. and this is why I can't downgrade the game to play TMP


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    2. RayRiver21
    3. -XCE-


      1.) Right click your Game in Library, 2.) Click on Propertius and navigate to Folders, 3.) Click on Verify integrity of Game Progress. Hopefully this solution fixes your problem.

    4. RayRiver21


      ok that might work

  7. I need go back playing trucks multiplayer 

  8. I'm not going on multiplayer until new update release soon and the game is out of beta


    I tried to downgrade to join, it won't let me, all the sudden my ATS and ETS2 keeps on crashing. So I chose to wait for the full multiplayer update

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    2. RayRiver21


      so far we don't know yet, will keep eye on the date

  9. sorry I have been gone for vacation and I am back home and now I"m gonna play ETS2 soon

  10. So me, brother and grandma traveling to Illinois and I saw this simi truck had a cat on the window on driver side lol

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    2. RayRiver21


      No where going fast, so it might be blurry if I take it

    3. DrEGZo


      Did it look like the cat was the driver?:lol:

    4. RayRiver21


      No it's laying on his arm on the window, it kinda looks like it driving

  11. Happy Father's Day if father on this site :)

  12. Should I live stream on ATS or ETS2

  13. Good morning  or evening all


    how are you all doing

  14. Ok I'm gonna do live stream tomorrow  about around 1:00 pm/ 1300 (eastern daylight savings time) and is it all right to live stream on the server, I'm new at the live stream

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      noting wrong with live streaming while playing in MP on the servers :) Lots of people do ;) plenty of admins also stream their admin work in MP aswell :) Go for it :)

  15. is it me or everyone having trouble ATS MP mine is not working

    1. RayRiver21
    2. RayRiver21


      that works thanks you

  16. I'll try to be there and if not I'm at church #prayer for Landon
  17. What on my mind is ping or ms of mutiplayer and my MS  average runs 42 to 75 is that normal or it's a little laggy

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