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  1. SaintPoete

    Cars in ETS2

    You are right. Car drivers often create unrest in the game. It does not need to be removed, but it would be better if only game moderators can use it.
  2. I love the Scandinavian region. I think the most beautiful places of the game belong to that region.
  3. I haven't had the opportunity to buy it yet. But I plan to buy it soon. As far as I can see from the pictures and videos, it has been a good add-on. To mention the price; expensive.
  4. That's a good idea. It will make it easier for players to learn about each other. In addition, I think this feature should be added to the game as we can complain about the players who do not obey the traffic rules more easily.
  5. It might be a good idea to add realism to the game.
  6. That's a good idea. I am sure it will add some more realism to the game.
  7. Good idea but not necessary. From the moment you start the game, there is already enough time to go elsewhere.
  8. A logical thought, it would be nice to add it to the game.
  9. If the players follow the rules, there is no problem. So there is no need for this.
  10. SaintPoete

    Europe 4 no lights

    Ghost driving for the EU4 server is not a problem, because there is no collision. When you want to play the game in a realistic way, you can choose EU1 or EU2 servers.
  11. To me this is unnecessary. I understand that you want to drive alone, but I don't think anyone will try to locate you on the map to troll you.
  12. Actually it would be nice if added. But with the dlc of the flag we can already know. People who have not purchased can add an add-on.
  13. It would be really great if he had a game.
  14. SaintPoete

    Friends on map

    Creative idea. It will work to find our friends more easily in the game. I think it can be added to the game.
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