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  1. Submitted feedback. Suggested an arcade server with collision. I also suggested having a warning message on entry to state the server is not moderated. A way for players to get the server they want and to reduce workload for game moderators. Not the best solution, but the basically our only option as the devs want to reduce trolling / dealing with trolls. The reply from Marco6158: "We had already put that server option in discussion when working on simulation changes and we did not implement it for reasons I won't share." Pack it up boys. There is no hope for us here. The devs have a plan for their servers and do not care if you dislike it. They are the devs, so they can do whatever they want with their mod. I'm glad I got to play the old servers. Such a shame about the changes. I wish all the best for the dev team and this mod.
  2. I'm talking about donations and stuff like that. Don't try acting smart bud.
  3. They wont make an arcade server with no speed limit and collisions because they know if will be the most popular server. Undoubtedly. It will make them look like fools. If this is what they want to do with the mod, then so be it. Just like other games, vote with your wallet. Do not support them if you don't like the changes.
  4. Mods show up in singleplayer fine, but not showing in mod manager when loading game through TruckersMP Install in ets2mp/mods big oof
  5. I would rather they just come out and say that ATSMP is on the back burner, so I don't wait for updates. I would rather do the event entirely in MP. I don't mind waiting, but so far all I can see is dwindling support for ATS.
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