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  1. I just use the right mirror when I drive. But I want to buy the Track IR
  2. I drive with the traffic, I will explain. If i'm only on the road i'll don't respect speed limit but if the situation of the road does not allow me, I respect the speed limit
  3. If you have to report all the people with the word REC it will take a lot of time
  4. My first truck was a Mercedes Actros MP4 and my second a Volvo FH16 I love Mercedes brand
  5. Maybe with the "REC" the people say "Sorry". Maybe not ?
  6. Hi, I like drive on Duisburg - Calais and on the road of "Vive la France" DLC. But a lot of trolls on DC
  7. Normally I use my own playlist but I often tune Skyrock or DirectFM (French radio)
  8. Il a racheté le jeu sur un autre compte mais.....
  9. Salut, Je me présente, je m'appel Mehdi, j'ai 19ans je viens de Moselle en Lorraine. Je suis un joueur ETS2, ATS, Arma3, GTA V etc.... je joue un peut a tout et j'adore le RP.
  10. Hi, I have my road events to max too. I think it's more interesting gameplay and I have a lot of reason for say I love the random road events
  11. Hi, Put "rec" do not change things, it's just for say "I rec don't be an idiot" but It's useless I think.
  12. Hi, Personally I use GeForce Experience for record my gameplay and other. It's a good software, and I love Instant Replay
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