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  1. Hey, As Add-on team are aware of the bug with the bridge, I'm sure it's going to be fixed soon. Therefore, I don't see a need to move this forward at the moment.
  2. James

    Cars on TMP

    A similar suggestion was made here:
  3. Hello, As this guide exists already, I will reject this one. I have removed the TruckersMP branding as this is NOT an official guide.
  4. James

    Client UI

    This has already been suggested here -
  5. /Moved to Game Suggestions
  6. Hey, This used to be supported but was removed a while ago. This is because due to the client, we'd have to develop a way for us to support multiple languages, so that all server messages are translated too. Unfortunately, this doesn't really seem viable at the moment. Thank you for your suggestion. Kind regards, James Community Manager.
  7. James

    110 limit

    Hello, This has already been suggested before, we are actively looking at the speed limit but for now it seems to fit in well with our Road to Simulation campaign.
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