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  1. Congrats on your promotion 

  2. This sounds like a really good idea and it would help people with planning routes like you suggested but i think it will be quite hard to implement.
  3. +1 great idea as the buttons are hard to find and i sometimes find my self clicking randomly on the cb to try and find the button to turn it off or change channel
  4. nice to see what happens behind the scenes and to see some of the people who are making the sims
  5. Hello truckers, how are we all doing today?

    1. [ConSecGroup] xXJDTVXx
    2. twitch.tv/mr_d4nny


      I am good just got back from school so just relaxing now

  6. I like this idea +1 from me i really think the skins need to be updated so if this is added it will be a nice feature
  7. Well done on getting the map back up now it is time for me to see where all the traffic is so i can avoid it
  8. happy valentines day truckers

  9. i dont think there is as the cb radio is built in with the mp mod there may be though i dont know
  10. happy birthday sorry if this is a little late


  11. well done try not to flip the car

  12. How is everyone today?


    1. Babou71


      Fine and you ?

  13. I am the same i never see very many players on ats so it is very rarely i get trolled
  14. Well done to everyone who won in the community awards and if you didn't win there is always next year

  15. enjoyed this event it was really fun with the lit up trailers
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