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  1. I think that this would be a cool idea because when you are in Calais for example and there are a lot of messages being posted you can often skip over a message where a user mentions you, if this was added it would mean that the amount of messages skipped over by a person would be reduced.
  2. Today. solar attended the trucky app truck fest and we were the second most attended vtc, here is a picture of us all parked up
  3. I have been playing around with the new trailers today, here is a picture of the first combination that i made. XNVZShS.png

  4. Our custom job logger and driver tracker is nearly ready to be released to our drivers, I will leave you with a sneak peak here. If you would like to get your hands on this software why don't you apply today and join our discord!
  5. The last route of Haulage64 2018 is about to start, why not head down to Katowice and join us!

  6. This update looks like it is going to be really cool, i cant wait for this to enter a public beta so u can see what it is really like.
  7. Hello, The dutch paint job is currently not supported by tmp as it is a new dlc for now we just have to wait for the developers to support this dlc, The other work fine as these are older dlcs and the developers have been able to support these. Thanks, D4NNY
  8. Tbf he was obviously abusing the 'bug' and i am nearly 100% sure that bug abusing is a perm ban.
  9. Thanks for the event scs cant wait for another one on ats, it was nice to see the game popular again.
  10. Some pictures from the event today


    1. JJay


      Looks so good :love:

    2. B4nshee


      Perfect :D 

  11. Nice turn out today by the solar drivers at today's event
  12. Hello, to get the veteran rank you need to be registered on the forums for more that one year.
  13. Hello, there is currently a bug where the car is stuck in 1st gear the developers are aware of this issue and they are trying to fix this. this could be the issue to why your car doesnt go above 30/km/h to fix this use a sequential gearbox in the settings.

    1. Space Night

      Space Night

      we came OH SO CLOSE to loosing it as well.



  15. At the moment truckersmp don't support any third party mods, this would be the reason why the mods were taken off your save game. Thanks, Daniel
  16. I will rec ban whoever posts below me
  17. This has definitely improved the road, thanks to the add on team for making this new road.
  18. Looks like i just beat google it said it would take 57 mins to walk somewhere but i did it in 20 mins in 28 degrees

  19. Yes we are still hiring if you join our discord i can get you sorted out
  20. We are currently looking for some skinners to help is redo our single player skins if you are interested please join our discord server
  21. Good afternoon from a sunny Italy


    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Good morning from school. :troll:


  22. Hello, the car is broken and the developers are aware of this issue and i believe that they are trying to fix it. for now we just have to be patient while they fix it as the people said below a fix for the bug is to use a sequential gearbox in the settings or use a h shifter i also believe that there is a way to change gears in automatic but i am currently not sure how you do it.
  23. Come and join us for a awesome event that is happening this September 5QB46dZ.png


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