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  1. Going live with some promods come and say hi https://www.twitch.tv/mr_d4nny

  2. We attend lots of events in the truckers mp community if you would like to join the fun why not join today!
  3. We are hiring new staff members if you are interested join our discord server!
  4. We have got a new look and new promo trailer check it our here.
  5. Oi get back to work

  6. going live for the tmp real ops come and say hi 


  7. We recently attended the viva Nl 1 year event we are hoping to attend alot more events in the year to come
  8. Another truck fest completed if you would like to join us please join our discord https://discord.gg/C5DGCEZ
  9. Thank you to all that came to the Solar Transport 2 year anniversary 

    here are a few pics from the truckfest 1VtSzfD.png






    Also a special thanks to @[GlobEx] Numb3r2 and @Asatelon for the gm support

  10. Hello, If you was using a truck with a caravan or a normal trailer with a car this would of been the reason why you was kicked from the server. Thanks, D4NNY
  11. Only a fews days to go will you be there? 


  12. Live steaming the TFM convoy if anyone wants to come and watch 


  13. Hello, Custom skins do not work in multiplayer as with the same with all mods. Thanks, D4NNY
  14. Hello, Only certain places have loads for your current trailer you could try sleeping to see if this gets you jobs or you could drive to another city to see if they have a load for you Thanks, D4NNY
  15. Hello, The devs are very busy with truckersmp trying to add new things for now we just have to be patient until they add the dlcs Thanks, D4NNY
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