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  1. How many employees do you have in ETS 2 or ATS ?

    i have 1 in ets2 and 0 in ats
  2. What do you think about that Light rule?

    I turn my lights on and then forget to turn them off so it can be the middle of the day and i will have mine on i also think the rule is good because you can see everyone so you can try and avoid wrong way drivers
  3. What you radio station is your favorite in ATS or ETS

    i like tfm and capital fm when i am driving or i will just stick spotify on
  4. ATS Traffic Lights

    i stop at red lights its the trolls that dont
  5. How many trailer's you try to deliver a day in ats EU or America

    i try and do about 5 loads on a weekday 10 on a weekend
  6. American TruckFest & Convoy: March 31

    i might be able to come will have to wait till closer the date
  7. Recruiting Able Bodied Truckers!

    Good luck with the events team if you plan any events i will definitely come
  8. 2nd day on MP and not as great as the first.

    People who are in dlcs are definitely better drivers that why you will usually find me there
  9. Traffic Warning System

    This sounds like a really good idea and it would help people with planning routes like you suggested but i think it will be quite hard to implement.
  10. CB radio buttons to be more obvious

    +1 great idea as the buttons are hard to find and i sometimes find my self clicking randomly on the cb to try and find the button to turn it off or change channel
  11. [SCS Blog] Squirrel at SCS: Making Truck Sims

    nice to see what happens behind the scenes and to see some of the people who are making the sims
  12. celebrating 47th Independence Day of Bangladesh

    Looks like a fun convoy hope i can join in