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  1. good and friendly environment that can accommodate everyone from every different back ground and language. Im in WTLVTC and they are friendly and its a good community with other game servers they can offer as i know same game for long periods of time takes it out on people
  2. Hows everyone's evening going 

  3. Iceland is amazing with the Snow and the way the trucks handle but i enjoy just taking my time around the whole map taking in some of the breath taking landscapes the ProMods team have put into the map
  4. sounds a good idea get some of the other maybe little and big VTCs involved pitch the idea to radio stations like TruckersFM and simulation radio get the word out there and maybe get TMP involved like maybe could of game mods and there events time to get a little route going after the truckfest get it into a little event
  5. opt out of all beta programs on stream thats what fixed mine if that dont work i dont know anymore sorry
  6. how do you change your forum name?

    1. Aestrial


      You need to logout, then log back in again. It'll then update to match your website name.

  7. verify the game again and it should reset your confi files. tbh im not 100% sure but i may work you can try it
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