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  1. badlose2002

    London Attacks Convoy 11.06.17

    I will try to be there.
  2. badlose2002

    zooming in help please !

    Hi guys, I changed the graphic resolution from, 1024x768 to 1360x768 its now back to normal. Thanks for the help, Fionn.
  3. badlose2002

    zooming in help please !

    Thanks for all of the replies. I will try what you all suggested. Is there any reason as to how it changed on its own? thanks, Fionn.
  4. badlose2002

    zooming in help please !

    thank you, I didn't think this posted so I made another. you can delete that if you like, thanks, fionn
  5. badlose2002

    zooming in help please !

    Hi, I was on ETS2 multiplayer today. I logged off for a while and when I went back on a few minutes ago the game seems to be zoomed out. Have you any solution for this? Here's a picture look at all off the extra space around the edge. Thanks, Fionn.