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  1. Random trailer damage with Christmas event trailer

    i have that problem with all trailers but i take 0 damage out of it i only get the message sometimes multiple times on long uncurved road also. so i think its a problem of ETS not only the Trailer from WoT. My friends also got that error sometimes.
  2. ETS2MP Start Problem

    here is an topic not long ago with an similar error: Try the things that are listed there I hope that can help you.
  3. New or other Report System

    Suggestion Name: New or other Report System Suggestion Description: Add a new or better Report system to the game Any example images: nope. Why should it be added?: (see below) Hi, i want to make something to improve the game. (its about the report system) There is now the new Report system here on the site and i think why do we have then a report system in the game? it makes no sense if the report is not accepted or nothing is done. So my idea is when the report ingame is not accepted or deleted it would be automaticly create a report here on the site. then you get a notification ingame that you should add a video or something to the report so that means the report will be created by the game with your name but it is then not visible for others unless you add a comment with a video to it- means somewhere is the comment must stand "http://www." etc. and a common upload site means "youtube" or "myvideo" or "vid.me" etc so when you login the next time you get a message that you should delete the report manualy or make a comment with a video (proof) so here a little thing extra not editable (added by the game automaticly): "Perpetrator (TruckersMP ID only)", "When did it happen, Please only provide date and time in UTC", "Server", "Reason" editable: "Language", "Please provide all evidence, including /pinfo or similar" little example ingame: you report someone -accepted: report will be deleted and you get a message - not accepted: report will be created manualy and you get the message "No Action was taken against [User XY]" "We created automaticly a report on our website "https://www.truckersmp.com/reports"" "Please edit the report and add your language and Evidence" On Site: -if you don't got any evidence (click "Delete report ") -you got any evidence (Add evidence to the comment line or an extra evidence line and click "Submit Report") Moderator or Admin: -Control the Report and Accept it or not. after that the report is done When you don't edit your reports then it will be automaticly deleted after 7 Days But you get the message that you don't edit your Reports when you login like: Loginmessage: "You have [open reports numbers] reports open" "The reports can be edited on "https://www.truckersmp.com/reports"" i know its a lot of work but everytime you report someone nothing happens etc. and after 10 minutes you get a message please report the player on "https://www.truckersmp.com/reports" sry for the long text its as short as i can and i write it before i saw this site.