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  1. Since the suggestion forum rework, my suggestion simply vanish so I decide to recreate my last suggestion. Suggestion Name: Dynamic AFK timer Suggestion Description: AFK kicking is dependent on how full the server. When the server population is low or medium, afk is unlimited and players will never get kicked for being afk. When the server starts to become full and reach a threshold, the current AFK timer is enabled and kicks all players that have been afk longer than the allowed duration The current AFK timer rules will remain enabled until the server drops in population and disables kicking afk players. To prevent afk blocking the road, this is only enabled when in parking lots. Any example images: None Why it should be added: This is for the convenience of players that need to afk and get back to the game quickly. It also gives the parking lot a function and for immersion purposes of using a parking lots to rest in-game and in real life. A bigger benefit is that since unlimited afk is only enabled in low population servers, it encourages players to populate those servers to gain the benefit instead of being funneled to one big server which means less queue times. Lastly, coding is simple as it only requires coding checks about server status and location of the players for the afk kick to be disabled. Overall, it adds a lot of benefit for the player base without any drawbacks.
  2. I already addressed this problem. This system will continue to use the current one we have which is kick players after a certain amount of time being AFK. However, the difference is that servers with barely any people in it would have infinite AFK time and only if they AFK in parking spots to prevent road blocking and for immersion purposes. Once the server is starting to fill up near full, then the current AFK rules activate and kick AFK players to allow incoming players. A nice side effect of this feature would be people coming to low populations servers because of the infinite AFK which means that there would be less queue times overall because players won't get funneled to a single big server like what is happening now. So there is actually a huge benefit and improvement once this feature is implemented.
  3. I have a similar suggestion in my other thread except it only applies to parking lots so that it has uses and is unlimited but having the kick immunity apply to all NCZ is nice as well since there would be no issue of blocking. I hope the devs take notice of this feature because it will also help in spreading players to smaller server and reducing the queue times because everyone wants the unlimited AFK time. +1
  4. It's not just some extra minute but you can literally AFK forever without getting kicked if you play in a quiet server and gives a huge incentive for people to play in smaller servers because of it. Thank you for the feedback and the support.
  5. Did you not read the OP? This idea is meant for uses of the parking lot where we can AFK indefinitely if the server is quiet. Blocking isn't an issue in NCZ so there should be no problem implementing it on a parking lot. Is it really "away from keyboard" if you are stuck in your keyboard to reset the timer? A side effect of implementing this feature is that players would be attracted to less populous servers to avail the indefinite AFK and lessening the overall queue times. Anyway, thank you for the feedback.
  6. ^ Oh ok. Thanks for the answer. Hopefully, more people read this suggestion and give support so that we can have a better experience playing multiplayer.
  7. That's exactly what I am suggesting. Indefinite afK is allowable below that number and everything above it reverts the afk system to the current one. I'm sure a lot of people would like that indefinite afk so they should, in theory, avoid high population servers and help lower queue time. It helps but does not solve the problem that afking is technically allowed and yet we have to resort to the inconvenient way of sending empty messages every few minutes to bypass it. Do I need to tag someone from the dev team so they can come here and read my suggestion? If yes, can anyone tell me who to tag?
  8. What is wrong with the current system is the inconvenience of afking. Being afk isn't against the rules since resetting the afk timer by sending empty messages every few minutes is allowed so why not remove that inconvenience altogether? The suggestion addresses afks on busy servers so you might want to read that. Why not implement both? On top of indefinite afk on parking spots, if you did get kicked, you can quickly login back to the game. That's another suggestion though. If you are concerned about afks filling the server, that was already addressed with afks being kicked once the server gets too busy and freeing more spots for incoming players. In fact, this suggestion can help ease the server burden because people will want to play on low population server to afk without interruption and that means less queue time overall. Thank you everyone for the discussions. Hopefully one of the devs will take notice and implement this.
  9. ^ I don't see how is it related with my suggestion overall but at least we can confirm that parking spots are already NCZ and people would have no problem parking their trucks to afk. Is there anyway to call the attention of the devs? I want to know if they have plans in implementing this feature.
  10. ^ Aren't the parking lots already NCZ? There is no additional work for the dev team other than code to detect that you are in a parking lot and enable AFK as long as the server isn't busy. Why go all through that when we can improve afking? Is it really "away from keyboard" if you have to keep typing to prevent getting kicked? Did you missed the part where I said afk detection turns back on when the server is busy? It will work exactly how afk is right now except now you can indefinitely afk if you are playing in a quiet server and gives incentive to players to play in less populated servers. This can actually lead to shorter queue times. I appreciate the feedback although you may have missed some important points of my suggestions. Please do ask if you need clarification on some things.
  11. ^ Being kicked only happens when you are in a busy server and not on a quiet one. This suggestion would actually encourage people to distribute themselves to less populated server so they can afk indefinitely. This means less burden on big servers and in theory would reduce the queue time because players aren't funneled to one server because they are trying to avail the indefinite afk from the less populated server.
  12. Thank you for the support. I am still waiting for any word from the devs.
  13. Any more thoughts? Any devs willing to comment? Please show your support if you think this is a good idea and voice out any concern that I haven't addressed in this thread.
  14. Looks like someone else thought of this idea way earlier than I did. It's basically similar to my suggestion without the parking lot stuff. I do hope the devs will see people find this suggestion good and at least make a comment about it and let us know if we can expect this feature in the near future.
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