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  2. ^ = moving topic to help>solved
  3. And just to add to both posts above - After all its an online game, so some people may lag or desync - try to keep bigger distance from other players, so you will have time to react if something happens.
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  5. When you laughed so much at a fail, that you actually crashed too:



  6. Yes you are allowed - currently TruckersMP does not have its own economy system, so you can use no dmg, level up and money cheats.
  7. Its also considered as wrong way (but we can't punish users if e.g. it happened due to an accident)
  8. ^to add to that post: admin rank is not something that is simply given to you or you obtain - first you have to prove that you are reliable and that you can be trusted, because your actions may affect thousands of users. The "admin car" is simply the scout car with police accessories, its not special in any other way
  9. Personally, I like the Idea to be able to restrict certain users for misusing the car, bur even if we limit it, trolls will be always trolls - they'll just move back to trucks, so it won't really affect trolls - only way to get rid of bad players is to report them... Anyway, lets not forget that there is a server (EU 1) on which cars are not allowed.
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  11. Ehhh I seriously doubt in that - It took us about a year to get the Scout car from just an idea to something, that is actually working and to adapt it to a game, which has only truck physics. Adding brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc. is not possible until they give us a license to use their name/brand and their model, but we are just a 3rd-party mod for a game.
  12. #1 None - speeding is allowed as long as it does not ruin other users' gameplay by causing accidents - that decision is up for every User #2 Because syncing AI between everyone will really test the servers' limits + trolls will abuse it #3 Exactly - your game tries to catches up with the server time. I believe its not affected by restarts.
  13. Because (if I remember correctly) it may cause problems for people with epilepsy
  14. FirestarteR93


    Hey, you can complain through the feedback mail (your complaint will be forwarded directly to the Project managers) :
  15. (I believe that both answers above are answering the question perfectly, so I'll just leave them)
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  17. ^ Long time ago forum moderators were allowed to approve posts, however some of them(who are no longer in the team) abused it and this lead to fails, so this ability was revoked from us.
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  19. ^I doubt if a Project manager would post it if it was fake...
  20. Hey there, These are the replacements for the trailers from the Schwarzmuller DLC (MP replaces the DLC files with non-DLC ones, so your game won't crash when come across a user who is using a trailer from that DLC) About adding your own skin/mod to the game: Sadly this causes a lot of trouble (every user must have the the same skins/mods or otherwise their game will crash because its missing the required files (oh btw, Welcome to the forum)
  21. Moderation Team Recruitment Hey truckers! We are looking for new global moderators to ensure the observance of forum's rules! Check the requirements and send in your application. Requirements: - Min. 17 years old - Good knowledge of English - Min. 75 posts - Min. 10 reputation points - Good behaviour You want to join us? Please send Your application here: https://goo.gl/forms/4IE5IIEA5JZ1eGbm2 End of recruitment: 12th June 2017 Good luck to all the applicants!
  22. If you mean player's distance, when you see such values (like user being 7000m away, but still on your your "players near you" list) it means that the user is falling under the map
  23. The information from TMP's recruitments is never posted to the public, because it contains a lot of personal info. If You are approved for the position for which You have applied to, we will contact You via Steam or via Private Message.
  24. Currently only one server has enabled speed limiter: https://truckersmp.com/status There's option in both MP and game's settings to turn it on/off, are you sure its off in both?
  25. ...meh ETS Eu1 was always limited
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