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About Me

Some famous guy, mostly known for:

  • 3 400 000 km driven distance
  • 5517 completed reports
  • 4400 completed deliveries
  • 4127 bans
  • 1 forum breakdown
  • other boring forum-related things:

    HB - Put better descriptions & fix typos
    HB - Signature rule revision (PM + removal instead of directly warning)
    HB - Include Media section in the HB (need to discuss it with Sgt_Tailor)
    HB - Info for splitting/merging topics
    HB & Forum - More attention to disallowed sections (more precise description of what to and what not to do)
    Forum - Language sections/Add archive subtopics to every language section(added archive to Italian, Greek, Spanish, Finnish and French discussions)
    HB & Forum - Allowing FMs to take care once again for Suggestions
    HB - Topics about ban appeals (posting info/instructions instead of directly trashing/making the "ban appeals" section actually useful again)
    HB & Forum - Profanity rule (defining some limit of what's acceptable and what's not, so people won't be punished for minor stuff)
    HB & Forum - better Archive/Trash Guideline
    HB & Forum -  Rule for preventing scam w/ selling/trading (by Scarface)
    Forum - Redirections to rule translations for language boards, original idea by Marco
    HB & Forum - Added exception for moving topics from disallowed sections (e.g.when a topic is clearly posted in the wrong section)
    Forum - Completing the current in-game translations
    Forum - Improvement of rule translations
    Forum - Added redirections to In-game and Forum rules topics in English for easier access to EN originals
    Forum - Added saved action for Polish Help and Bugs sections w/ Bandero's help
    Forum - Added global "Move to Help" saved action , credit to Anri
    Forum - Added "Other Games" subforum at Offtopic, Humane
    Forum - Added ability to IGATLs to lock, hide and reply to locked status updates (so they will be able to deal with statuses posted on their profiles, without wasting FMs time to lock/hide for them)
    Forum - Re-made the Game Moderator Leader's rank (ex-IGATL) from scratch in order to finally get it to work without having to patch and fix its permissions every day
    Forum - Added Help section in French Discussion (by Caernage)

 (& other stuff, falling under security policies)


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