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  1. hi mate here is the discord link https://discord.gg/5GZnqNjM9j
  2. hi everyone i would like to welcome you all to our second year of our convoy witch is rising money fore help for heroes the convoy is called remembrance day charity convoy we are at 31 attending we still need about 74 more here is the Truckers MP sing up page https://truckersmp.com/events/6353-remembrance-day-charity-convoy we hope to see you there many thanks event founder martyn
  3. rip my friend 


  4. hi mate how are you thank you for the info my game and my want say a big thankyou 

  5. hi is there mod that i can use on sing play as i have got an event coming up on the th9 for April many thanks
  6. hi all can enyone help me cos i can not longing into the mp on est2 and ats please meny thanks martyn higgins
  7. hi all can't play online coz it is saying timeout trying again to login in to my account
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