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  1. :excl:its time for bed!!!!! 3:oo AM now !!!!

  2. For TMP, when you are doing WOT missions, 90km/h is as fast as it goes, so if people wanna pass me, i just keep my speed and let them try~
  3. Hannibal_ow

    Which VTC?

    Join a VTC its easy, the hard part is will you stay or leave? VTS usually has lots of rules!! if you just wanna play with other people, you can just play TMP. convoy is not a bad dream as you driving more and more. everybody has those bad days that they hit teammates!! i hop you enjoy driving with lots people rather than driving alone!!
  4. you should just try your best to hit the break and maybe turn right? even you hit the back of the trail in front of you, its batter than go to opposite lane tho!
  5. i do like this idea, but its can not be true!!! some people just need to be banned forever, otherwise they will cuz lots of issues for other players!! those admin will need take lots meds
  6. Hannibal_ow

    Ets2 and vr

    I tried it, i think its not a real good time for it now, maybe couple years later? I really do like those REALISTIC feelings tho!!!!
  7. UK!! but i dont like right side driving thos.....
  8. For most regular deliveries, you can go whatever you want!! For those WOT deliveries, there is a speed limit 90km/h, you cant go faster than that, unless you are cheating !!!So plz follow those rules from TMP and you will be FINE for sure!!
  9. that is so helpful, thanks
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