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  1. Just completed a 5499 mile job from Norway to Italy going around Europe (as we long Haul division guys like to do). Starting point in Bergen
  2. We did a convoy on ATS, transporting a bunch of Mobile Barriers
  3. Here's a couple of screenshots from last saturdays drive. We do convoys every Saturdays night (UK Time) and other drives throughout the week.
  4. Did our weekly Saturday night convoy..... this time in American Truck Sim. Had 2 fools in cars decide to troll us.... until they got 2 day bans from an ingame admin
  5. Another fun convoy night with some of the Long Haul division drivers....
  6. Tuesday night drive with a couple of my Long Haul Division mates. We drove from Paris, France to Ancona, Italy.... with the kind of detours that LH drivers like to make so that the drive is more enjoyable.
  7. Here's some pics from our latest convoys...
  8. Quack quack!! :P

    1. [ST-LH Deputy] DarthDucky

      [ST-LH Deputy] DarthDucky

      Hiya Stryke. Not been on this crappy forum for a long time but thought it was time to see what changes might have been made lol

  9. Wonder if I should feel insulted or honoured that another company is obviously copying little old me by creating a topic that is just slightly reworded from my 2 long running & quite successful topics :P:P.

    1. Ashley


      If someones directly copying your work, report the post and the moderation team will take a look in to it.

    2. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      If someone copies your work. I would feel complimented by this action. The fact that someone feels your work needs to be copied and reposted as their own is great. It means they like what you posted in the first place. There are certain lines which shouldn't be crossed of course when copying things. However, my general rule of thumb is that it's a good thing when someone copies your work... :D:D:D:D:D

    3. [ST-LH Deputy] DarthDucky

      [ST-LH Deputy] DarthDucky

      I have 2 long running topics in the "Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer > Discussion" area. These are called "ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots" & "Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way".  This morning I came on to the forum to take a look at these topics and noticed that another user has created a topic in the same area called "Adventures Through Europe...The Viva Way". Now I understand that people from other VTC's want to showcase their drives, sights, funnys, etc..... but really, making the title look almost the same as mine (and just using a title that is mashed together from my 2 fairly popular topics). Hell, he even used the same tags LOL. Now I know this other company have been trying to make a name for themselves but having users that are just copying instead of using their own imagination just made me laugh :P:P:P. I'm not saying that anything was done that should be reported, I just found it funny that this big company has users using small time tactics to get places hehehehe.

  10. My latest video edit of a Long Haul division drive earlier this week
  11. [ST-LH Deputy] DarthDucky

    Question About Abuse After Report

    thanks for the advice Firestarter. I'll do that once I've finished the current drive I'm doing on ETS2
  12. [ST-LH Deputy] DarthDucky

    Question About Abuse After Report

    The Youtube name of the user is pretty much what their TruckersMP name used to be before they changed it. It has the same name in it.
  13. [ST-LH Deputy] DarthDucky

    Question About Abuse After Report

    Hi guys, I think I really should know this but I'm not sure the best way to report a user who has abused me on a report video that got him/her banned (using the Youtube comments section of that video. Any advise would be a help, thanks.