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  1. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    It never gets old watching fools on the game deliberately ram me, only to then recieve a lengthy ban afterwards (check the description on Youtube)
  2. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    Ok, so this was a group of us Stobart long haulers taking a couple of visits across America for a nights drives. It was great to actually see quite alot of other users on there. It's been a while since people really bothered with ATS.
  3. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    Well this was a total ouchy for the driver behind me....
  4. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    Decided to log some journeys on ATS multiplayer with some fellow division drivers tonight. Saw a good few others drivers on the road, which was really nice to see on there
  5. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    @LSPD Gamer No you didn't. I'm going by your name, profile picture, & signature hehehehe
  6. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    I'm not sure that route is in GTA
  7. My Views About Multiplayer

    I understand your sarcasm here but think about it. If a user keeps on driving on EU#2, even though he/she keeps getting hit/rammed/blocked/trolled, then yes they probably are to blame if they won't use any of the other servers. I have been using EU#3 since they started testing it with no cars and from what I've seen there are usually a decent amount of drivers (depending on times and areas of the map) and I've had barely any trouble at all. Tried going back on to EU#2 for a convoy and was hit multiple times by cars, bob-tailing trucks, and a truck with trailer where the user possibly thought he had to drive over 80mph on a single lane road. Obviously went back to EU#3 for the next drive. We prefer to get our jobs logged with as little damage as possible, and find the drive a lot better when not being trolled
  8. My Views About Multiplayer

    Some of those people just want to be noticed so make these kind of threads for that reason. Very true. EU#3 (was the Test Server until very recently) is much better. I have noticed through my many journeys & convoys on there over the last few weeks that the general player base is much more suited to the simulation side of the game.... well, unless you just want to play with the trolls in Bergen and a couple of other Scandinavian cities since the double trailers came out (p.s. love the double trailers & heavy hauls).
  9. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    Went for a lovely little convoy tonight from France to Poland. No silly users (as we were on EU#3) and was a damn good drive with lots of laughs over Teamspeak
  10. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    We caught these 3 fools laying down on the job a couple of days ago. They just couldn't handle the modded trailers they were using...... well, they couldn't really drive at all to be honest
  11. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    ^ Thank you @Ramong24. The convoys are also a lot of fun to drive as we are all in a chatroom together being funny
  12. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    @martin17 it looks like you see a bit of action as well
  13. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    Well, it was a day ending in "Y" so I guess that meant it was another Stobart convoy (for us Long Haul guys). It was also a great way to get the last 3 countries done for the France achievement. Thanks go to the guys that stayed with me until the end (and it was a hell of a long night) A very well deserved sleep was needed after all of todays drives.
  14. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    This is just a simple case of a speeding bobtailer not looking at his map, looking left/right, or giving a damn about antone else on the roads
  15. Wonder if I should feel insulted or honoured that another company is obviously copying little old me by creating a topic that is just slightly reworded from my 2 long running & quite successful topics :P:P.

    1. Ashley


      If someones directly copying your work, report the post and the moderation team will take a look in to it.

    2. Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      If someone copies your work. I would feel complimented by this action. The fact that someone feels your work needs to be copied and reposted as their own is great. It means they like what you posted in the first place. There are certain lines which shouldn't be crossed of course when copying things. However, my general rule of thumb is that it's a good thing when someone copies your work... :D:D:D:D:D

    3. [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      I have 2 long running topics in the "Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer > Discussion" area. These are called "ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots" & "Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way".  This morning I came on to the forum to take a look at these topics and noticed that another user has created a topic in the same area called "Adventures Through Europe...The Viva Way". Now I understand that people from other VTC's want to showcase their drives, sights, funnys, etc..... but really, making the title look almost the same as mine (and just using a title that is mashed together from my 2 fairly popular topics). Hell, he even used the same tags LOL. Now I know this other company have been trying to make a name for themselves but having users that are just copying instead of using their own imagination just made me laugh :P:P:P. I'm not saying that anything was done that should be reported, I just found it funny that this big company has users using small time tactics to get places hehehehe.