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  1. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    OK, so I left the game last night whilst Bergen was falling to the ground in carnage. Come back on this morning and...erm.... HOLY CRAP
  2. Happy Birthday

    1. [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      Thank you kind sir :D Keep on trucking

  3. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    This months Silly Boy Award goes to this guy. First he makes me swerve onto the wrong side, then plays chicken with another user who's driving past me, then goes head on at 2 other trucks.
  4. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    That's like a normal drive for us. We are currently on the test server driving the long way round from Oslo to Marsielle @Kayr0 thanks for the nice comment
  5. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    So far I'm liking the trail server. Some users have been fast but not actually seen any idiots yet, and not had to report anyone on that server. Let's see how long it stays like this
  6. What mistakes do you often make on TruckersMP?

    on TruckersMP (the website/forum).... thinking that everyone I deal with is an adult. On the games.... cannot really think of anything, sorry
  7. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    @[Truckers PH] Zyph thank you for your comment. Yes, there are plenty of bad driving habits that we all have on the games. I say that as none of us, even the good drivers, are immune to doing something silly or forgetting to do something they should. It's how you deal with it around other users that defines what kind of driver you are. Unfortunately there are a lot of users who clearly don't care about the folks around them and they are the ones that tend to cause problems for everyone else.
  8. Here is the edited video of our latest Stobart fun convoy
  9. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    I'm not making fun of him. He broke the rules, got reported, got banned, then decided to report me to Youtube for doing what the admin team here ask us to do. I'm letting him, and everyone else, know that I did nothing wrong and that he's the one in the wrong for false reporting (to Youtube). Besides, that user doesn't even bother coming on this forum for months at a time so I don't even believe he'll see this post or be bothered by it.
  10. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    @FirestarteR93 please can you clarify who the cough is aimed at as my post isn't an attack and I'm not insulting or showing any aggressive behaviour? I am just pointing out what this user is trying to do after getting caught being a naughty boy & getting banned. He is only the latest in a long line of users that have tried this trick after being banned for breaking the rules, and Youtube and always sided with me & never taken my videos down as I'm not breaking any of their rules. If you would rather that I didn't write down the users name then I'm happy with that since the users names are always in their report videos anyway.
  11. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    oh dear oh dear..... user @scorpionthebeast has tried reporting me to Youtube in response to him being given a 1 month ban from my video evidence. Sorry mate, I haven't violated anything since your profile is a public page and the video shows you playing a public multiplayer game. Maybe next time you might think twice before driving so recklessly and ramming other users. Here is the video that has been reported for "Privacy Violation"
  12. I want to use blue leds on my car

    So you want to drive a car around a map with blue LEDs on. My advice would be to go and play GTA where you can steal a Police car and use the blue LEDs all you want
  13. ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots

    Can you post screenshots of the reports with the admins comments on here. Also, did you go to the email addess [email protected] and report the admins (showing all of your evidence)?
  14. Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way

    I quickly put together a convoy for some Stobart drivers yesterday and what a great night it was. Yes, we saw a couple of idiots during our convoy but nothing too bad. Driving on server EU#3, and starting in the UK was a good idea. We drove to Plymouth ferry port and into France, only staying in the DLC area until we dropped our first loads. This meant that we only saw a few other drivers, all driving well, and we didn't have to put up with the usual kind of trolls. We picked up new loads at Montpellier and drove them all the way to Kristiansand without using any ferries. The drive was great, and the banter was too funny at times. Pictures Video