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  1. Wonder if I should feel insulted or honoured that another company is obviously copying little old me by creating a topic that is just slightly reworded from my 2 long running & quite successful topics :P:P.

    1. Ashley


      If someones directly copying your work, report the post and the moderation team will take a look in to it.

    2. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      If someone copies your work. I would feel complimented by this action. The fact that someone feels your work needs to be copied and reposted as their own is great. It means they like what you posted in the first place. There are certain lines which shouldn't be crossed of course when copying things. However, my general rule of thumb is that it's a good thing when someone copies your work... :D:D:D:D:D

    3. [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      I have 2 long running topics in the "Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer > Discussion" area. These are called "ETS2 - The Adventures Of Idiots" & "Driving Through Europe - The Stobart Way".  This morning I came on to the forum to take a look at these topics and noticed that another user has created a topic in the same area called "Adventures Through Europe...The Viva Way". Now I understand that people from other VTC's want to showcase their drives, sights, funnys, etc..... but really, making the title look almost the same as mine (and just using a title that is mashed together from my 2 fairly popular topics). Hell, he even used the same tags LOL. Now I know this other company have been trying to make a name for themselves but having users that are just copying instead of using their own imagination just made me laugh :P:P:P. I'm not saying that anything was done that should be reported, I just found it funny that this big company has users using small time tactics to get places hehehehe.

  2. My latest video edit of a Long Haul division drive earlier this week
  3. It's always better to drive in groups
  4. Another night means another Long Haul division convoy
  5. You'll never stop a good convoy from rolling down the road
  6. Come for the proper trucking experience..... stay for the crazy banter. Another excellent Long Haul division drive
  7. Viva Trucking | Professional Trucking Company ETS2

    ahh well, you don't know Tommy yet All aboard the crazy train.
  8. Viva Trucking | Professional Trucking Company ETS2

    Had to laugh when I saw this pic tonight of one of your new truckers, TommyWat, on his side. Seen it many times before when he was at his previous company
  9. Happy Birthday.Have great one!

    1. [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      Thanks :D Now to avoid the carnage at Bergen ;)

    2. Mirko9
  10. Happy Birthday

    1. [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      Thank you kind sir :D Keep on trucking

  11. What mistakes do you often make on TruckersMP?

    on TruckersMP (the website/forum).... thinking that everyone I deal with is an adult. On the games.... cannot really think of anything, sorry
  12. Here is the edited video of our latest Stobart fun convoy
  13. New Report scoring

    Since a few others are doing this here I will happily add my 2 cents into this new rule. A quick bit about me.... I have played this game (well, both of these games) since day one (and the previous games before hand), and have been on multiplayer since in came about. I have been a vigilant user and reported wrong do'ers when I see them. I am a serious player and have been with only one VTC for 3 years, managing a division without any messing. I tell you all this so that you understand I am not someone who just talks trash for the fun of it like some of the replies I have seen on this topic already. So, I agree in general with the idea of implementing this new report system. It sounds like it's definitely worth a try and I won't moan about the amount of open reports allowed (I've sometimes had a lot more than 10 open myself.... all valid in my opinion). My only critique at the moment would be, and I know I get moaned at or my replies get deleted for saying things like this, the admins. Don't get me wrong as I'm not bashing the admins. What I mean is each admin seems to have their own level of what they call banable evidence, and they all have their own version of how much of a ban should be handed out. For the same offenses I've seen a range from pretty big ban, small ban, and being told (quite rudely at least once) that it was only a kickable offense... and even had the old "I didn't see anything wrong in your video". In the UK (and probably Europe) this can be comparable to referees in football matches (for all of the football fans reading this). In other words are the admin team going to be given a new proper & real set of guidelines that they must follow with this new version of the reporting system so that we see less inconsistencies between what each admin deems fair on their reviewed reports. Also, if a user keeps getting banned for the same reason (i.e. ramming) shouldn't they get a bigger ban each time (since they aren't learning their lesson) instead of (for instance) a 5 day ban 1st offense, then a 2 day ban for 2nd offense of the same nature etc. I have seen users previous video evidences when they are banned though my reports as I like to see just how bad some of these users really are and sometimes the ban lengths for same offenses are quite laughable.
  14. @TheBigK02Hiya mate, I've just seen the video that you supplied on your post (that the admin decided to hide.... erm lock & trash) and I do believe that you have been wronged. That was clearly Reckless Driving, and probably Ramming (due to the totally unnecessary speed that the other truck was doing on that type of road. I'm sorry to say that you will get a fair bit of this happen to you and you will just have to keep quiet about it or risk a warning (even when you're clearly in the right). You may find it easier to avoid certain areas of the map or maybe even use a less populated server in future. Please don't let the admins wrongful (in my opinion) result spoil your game play on this great multiplayer game.

    Again, this is all just my opinion on an open forum that is being sent to a specific person that I'm unable to message privately.

    1. TheBigK02




      Im just cool with the hole situation cause the reasoning was because of the video length. Due to the fact that he was just on a different opinion on the ramming/reckless driving I can clearly live with that. And that the mod locked the thread is also fine. I dont feel mistreated anymore and Im basically happy with the situation now besides that the response time is not that great and the fact that they dont recruite new admins to improve on that. 


      But even with that I can live with it.


      But I have to thank you for supporting me with this :)




    2. [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      [ST-LH BOSS] RubberDuck

      No probs mate. I just don't like to see these kind of bad decisions being made by the people in charge, but as long as you're happy with the decision that is fine :)

  15. It's Sunday morning (in the UK). Hope all is well with everyone