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  1. Welcome, today i'll show you how to increase the game performance. If your pc is so powerful but if u getting 30-40 fps on a empty road this guide will help you. Lets start! First open ur ets2 Then click on the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and go to tthe details. If your ets or ats is opened, there should be a page like eurotrucks2.exe or ats2.exe(some times it changes pc to pc) After that right click on the ets 2. select "set priority" And select HIGH. that setting will increase your game's performance because example if u have 8gb ram, pc gives 6gb to game so performance of game is increasing ATTENTION! NEVER SELECT "Realtime" it is so risky for your pc. It can damage your pc. Thanks for reading i hope it will help you. If you have any problems write down Bye!
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