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  1. w7xx

    how can this be vulnerable against abuse and can you reopen the topic, please?
    Very simple proof: if groups of people want to abuse the system, then its obviously very easy to see who and how many reports have they submitted - if certain groups with the same exact names submit too many reports and the victims start to complain, then the abusers will get a permanent ban themselves instead? But who would want a permanent ban for this kind of thing? Absolutely noone, which means that it will work flawlessly.

    1. Scar


      All a convoy just needs to do is to press the report button to get someone instantly banned. Even if we can fix it afterwards if the ban is false, it's not a pleasant experience for the victim to get banned that easy for something he didn't do.


      The topic remains closed since your suggestion will not be accepted.


      We are working all the times to improve the experience of our players. We are looking at other ways to improve the reporting.

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