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  1. OMSI_Manfred

    Ban Appeal - TruckDri3ver

    ...........And you can never, never take the right in your own hand and do something bad against a person!............ He started with the hassle so! So why not the same for everyone? He changes his name and makes trouble so I do it too!
  2. OMSI_Manfred

    Ban Appeal - TruckDri3ver

    For what he did to me, it is still too little. But just because it's in what Steam has to do it with the game? In Game: ?? - Philip1212 - ?? What is forbidden in it? Many called Philip. But it says yes: See you always meet twice in life where here it is in the game.
  3. OMSI_Manfred

    Ban Appeal - TruckDri3ver

    Where are the rules on what to a Steam Avatar? Where have I offended him? In TS? In Game? In chat? Where? It is not usually break!
  4. OMSI_Manfred

    Ban Appeal - TruckDri3ver

    1. Your In-game name when banned: OMSI Manfred 2. Why you should be unbanned?: Avatar and name changed - please Unban will not happen again 3. Screenshot/Video (if applicable) Where are the rules on what to a Steam Avatar? Where have I offended him? In TS? In Game? In chat? Where? It is not usually break!
  5. OMSI_Manfred

    Ban Appeal - Zmaster

    1. Your In-game name when banned: [ASPHALT COWBOYS] ManfredLP 2. Why you should be unbanned?: I have done nothing illegal. Why do I get banned for something? I am in no-Coli zone and make videos Others do it every day at the EP and get no punishment for it but yes I? Why? There is nowhere that it is forbidden that you may Parking and can make videos! The Ban has been created just pure hatred against me because others never get something for a penalty! Therefore, please remove the ban because as long as others are not punished for it why I will be punished for it? If the ban is rejected, it is 100% clear that some admins what have against me because otherwise many others would be indeed banned! Here Kimscola: 1 Post (11 reports) and 1 post (10 reports) and 2 Various days and all the EP! Why did she not Ban? So 100% is Unjustified my Ban! http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/12031-europoort-rotterdam-chaos/#entry85341 http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/11959-rotterdam-chaos/#entry84752 3. Screenshot/Video (if applicable) There is a video of all the action but why uploading? if here anyway Unfair will be banned!
  6. OMSI_Manfred

    Ban appeal - Clarkinator

    I am writing an application for a German member of can not speak English 1. Your In-game name when banned: [GER] F.TNick 2. Why you should be unbanned?: Ban Reason: Incorrect ban. Removed. [Timeban still available] 3. Screenshot/Video (if applicable)
  7. OMSI_Manfred

    Ban Appeal - Dogidog

    As in the TS I said today was only on his way to London because we wanted to meet us there and AldiTalk also went several times today without trailer back and forth!and he gets no penalty!
  8. OMSI_Manfred

    Ban Appeal - Dogidog

    1. In-game name when banned: ™™™™™™™™™™ 2. Why should be unbanned?: I ask for a Unban: The user before us is just across what was I supposed to do when the 10-meter happened in front of my bumper? AldiTalk was still further back, in my view which led to no contact with me AldiTalk would have to write to this he has also rammed at the beginning of the motorway me! or be Uturn since it will have traveled up and down over 1 hour there!3. Screenshot / Video (if applicable)
  9. OMSI_Manfred

    0.1.5 has been released.

    For people the real driving ... Setting - speed limit 90 ON And when it pops: Auto-Save Loading ... I think it's great except that the update server level down and to all Russian: Racing (Гонки) – Кик / бан Гонки или что-то подобное.
  10. OMSI_Manfred

    0.1.5 has been released.

    sry double post
  11. OMSI_Manfred


    Servus Bernd Willkommen bei den Freaks im Forum =)
  12. OMSI_Manfred

    0.1.3 Alpha

    Even if the traffic lights are now sync ... PEOPLE .... RED IS RED AND MEANS STOP AND NOT DRIVE!
  13. OMSI_Manfred


    Currently, I am another 23 years old but Feel like 16
  14. OMSI_Manfred


    Server: EU #1 Date: 30.12.2014 Place: Luxembourg Perpetrator: Kolak_17 [CRO] (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166601545) Description: Offended User (Kiss my ass / Fucker Svabe / Heil Hitler / Tito kills all Germanian) and Ramming (including no video )
  15. OMSI_Manfred


    User: Every second - reason: Looks Even https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuiluRaSATY&feature=youtu.be