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  1. thanks for the compliment
  2. Like on us Facebook
  3. thanks and stay with us :)
  4. We are thankful to you for joining with us
  5. Thanks a lot @Kap
  6. If you have any questions or would like to apply visit: www.bdsentineltruckers.com
  7. [BST] - C.E.O Mahdi

    need asian server

    actually when we ( asian player) Connect eu2 or any other server they are lowest 170-300 ping . its so many lagy for us and some time we are kick for high latency .. sorry to say tmp give a hk server 1 years ago but we are not use asian server coz this server locked speed and just few of people playing hk server .. i hope tmp give us a asian server like as europe 2 rules . I think now more players will be allowed to enter the hk or asian server server .
  8. [BST] - C.E.O Mahdi

    need asian server

    its just a example .. main thing is asian server we need badly
  9. [BST] - C.E.O Mahdi

    need asian server

    actually we are play in europe 2 server and got 170-250ms ping thats why so many lag in the game .. if tmp give us a asian server like singapore then we are play mp smoothly and lag free
  10. [BST] - C.E.O Mahdi

    need asian server

    we need this .. if tmp give singapore server then we got 50-100 ping and we play smoothly . i think its better for a asian player . actually lots of asian player play ets2mp and they are play in europe 2 server ...
  11. [BST] - C.E.O Mahdi

    need asian server

    Hello everyone. asian players play in europe server which is too far from us.There is a server near asia and it is in singapur.So our ping will be stable and asian players will be able to play a lag free game
  12. [BST] - C.E.O Mahdi

    কেমন আছো সবাই ?

    বাংগালী ভাইয়েরা কারা কারা খেলেন তাদের একটু দেখি
  13. Another Success Story of BST !! Now you can track all our actions on road live, from our website .
    website - https://www.bdsentineltruckers.com/
    Demo Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Kqvk9jDj_I


  14. In order to commemorate the 47th victory day of Bangladesh, 8 of the 10 allotted slots of trucks have already been filled up by the 15th of December. Therefore, we have decided to expand the slot in the city of mannheim. Furthermore, we would allott vtc truck slots and provide public parking in the city. Hopefully sooner, you would be able to see the pictures of the allotted truck slots. Thanks. 

    Event Details in Forum - https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/68404-15-december-2018-bangladesh-47th-victory-day-celebrating-convoy/


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      Good luck with event ;) 

    4. [BST] - C.E.O Mahdi

      [BST] - C.E.O Mahdi

      [ETS2MCG]Kien Giang Are you come with your vtc ?