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  5. The Beige interior for the Scania S made by Harsha is probably my favourite. I also have foglights and the super logo for the Scania. For the mid cabin DAF XF 105 and the small cabin Volvo FH16 I use lightboxes which make an improvement to the exterior looks.
  6. The EU servers have been unstable the past weeks and everyone is experiencing what you are describing, specially on Sim1 and Promods. Developers are aware of the issues and are looking into it as mentioned in the latest Development Update:
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  11. It's hard to foresee what their intention is when they come up from behind and it's hard to avoid situations like that, because if their overtaking you can't really hinder them from doing so. But if you get rammed you should pull over (if you haven't tipped from the impact already) and try to report them before they disapear from the list. Also make sure to save a clip with a recording software, like ShadowPlay and make a report on the website in case the ingame report gets timed out.
  12. It's hard to tell until the moment that it happens, specially on the Calais-Duisburg road. One moment you're fine and the next one you're yeeted in the air flying halfway to Brest. If I catch up to Skodas or trucks without trailers on the freeway and if there is more of them driving together at low speed and swirve all over the lanes I always get suspicous...
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  14. I usually drive the Scania S High roof 730. But more recently I have been doing some runs with the new Volvo FH Sleeper 750 with food tanker. The other trucks don't have powerful engines as the Scania 730 and Volvo 750, so if you want more power in the Man TGX the only way is to make a save edit. And you don't need to drive a specific truck to unlock things for it, you unlock accessories and engines for all trucks based on the level no matter which truck you drive.
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