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  1. Congratulations on your new position my friend :wub:

  2. Congratulations on your new position adabey:D

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    2. AdaBey


      Thank you. (:

  3. I don't know why you left this team, but I believe you will come back to this community. I am waiting for you! ;)

  4. Welcome back, my friend. I know you're coming back to this huge community :lol: <3

    1. Suleyman.53


      Thank you :wub:

  5. Thanks for the follow. 

    1. This is a panda

      This is a panda

      Np friend :D

  6. Congratulations on your new position!:wub:friend

    1. Kid Fabi

      Kid Fabi

      Thank you :wub:

  7. Hey ! welcome back MHT ;)

    1. MHT_


      Thank you! ^^

  8. This is a panda

    Rule Update – Q1 2019

    If only the rule had been updated earlier, some players would not have received a ban for violating the rule
  9. @XinBao^ :wub: Driving a truck with my best friend! :tmp: 1553105050529.jpg

    1. This is a panda

      This is a panda

      Even though the photos don't look so good this time :unsure:

    2. XinBao^


      NO ME LIKE   hahhhaa:troll:

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    • On the road! In fact, life can also lead better, do not forget the original!  ;)1552236621760.jpg
    • Hope next time is to take a photo with you! How meaningful that would be! KG:troll: @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    • 1551893037544.jpg
  10. Thank you for following