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  1. This is a panda

    Ranks of the TruckersMP Community

    wow good
  2. Happy Birthday  ;)

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Happy Birthday, to my first Team Leader ~ The best team leader! :P

  3. happy birthday  :D

    1. El Barto

      El Barto

      Kinda late, but thanksss! :D:D 

  4. Congratulations to you! :D

    1. MrCipr


      Thank you ;) 

  5. This is a panda

    would you still play ets2 if tmp never existed?

    Single-player games can be boring, which is why I choose the TMP community!
  6. Happy birthday  :wub: 

    1. CaptainKostaZ


      Thanks a lot :P:)

  7. This is a panda

    I made a little map to show dangerous areas in ETS2 MP

    This is a great map! I'll use this map to edit the rest of the danger zone (though that's not what I'm supposed to do).
  8. happy birthday :D

  9. This is a panda

    Website v2.4 release

    I have to say that this update surprised me! Great!
  10. This is a panda

    Driving in United Kingdom, Easy or Difficult?

    No matter which country you are driving in, you still have the traffic awareness of driving on the left or right. Ha ha
  11. Happy Birthday ;)