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  1. Driftinter

    Real Operations - 28 July 2019

    I will attend this activity on time! Because the last time I took part in the activity, it was half a year ago!
  2. Driftinter

    中国晨曦车队(Chenxi VTC)欢迎您的加入!

  3. I like the updated official website interface and the new VTC model!  :wub:1563029877906.jpg

  4. See what I found in Forum.:huh:


  5. Driftinter

    How do you see TMP updates to servers and rules?

    I don't like this update very much because it seems to have been imposed by some irresistible factors. But this is a fixed event and can only be adapted for a time. Although I don't like this update, I still support TMP update!
  6. When I saw you again, you were already an official of TMP. Congratulations! @Schak Bruijn :lol:1561911140232.jpg

  7. Thank you for the Follow! ;)

  8. Throw away the bad thoughts of the day and enjoy driving your truck around the continent.B)1561737318668.jpg

    1. Erik0301


      Oldschooool i enjoy driving my Scania S730:)

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  9. Thanks for the follow! :) 

  10. Happy birthday:wub:

  11. Happy birthday:wub:

  12. Good Night TMP ;) 1561078722065.jpg

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Good Night :) Lovely photo :wub:

    2. Thurston


      Good night