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  1. I rarely use the label REC, but if someone violates the rules, I will report it! I'm on recording!
  2. Only with multiplayer will I finish the map, because I'm with friends.
  3. Very good team, hope to have the opportunity to transport goods with you! And, of course, your video is good too.
  4. I recently reset my computer, causing me to have only one garage.
  5. Only at this time of the CD road, it seems very quiet.;)spacer.png


  6. As you said, you can continue to use the international version of the steam platform. We do not yet know if TMP will act. We don't know yet. Let's wait for good news.
  7. You can go to the game to activate or install the driver for this controller.
  8. I don't think the speed limit matters much to me, and I would support it if TMP enabled ATS arcade server. However, this is up to TMP officials.
  9. Boone[CN]

    Ady Man Gallery

    Very nice picture!
  10. Still, many people abandon less crowded roads, such as a highway crossing from outside Calais, and turn left instead of straight ahead.
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