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  1. NeonLeon's post in No reaction to my feedback was marked as the answer   
    "Project Managers and Community Managers are the ones who deal with the Feedback system.
    The System is not to be used for complaining about bans. It is to be used if you believe there is a mistake and that wasn't dealt with in your appeal or by the admin.
    If your message is about a ban, make sure you have created a ban appeal first and that the admin has reviewed it. Alternatively, make sure you have waited at least 4 days for a reply (https://truckersmp.com/appeals/).
    If you wish to report a player, please use the report system provided here.
    Constructive feedback, suggestions, inquiries or complaints is welcome.
    Please be patient as at times, we will get a heavy load of feedback cases.
    English is the preferred language as it means we can get to work on your case instantly. Writing in other languages may cause delay in responding due to needing translations."
  2. NeonLeon's post in Ban expired was marked as the answer   
    Hey there! 
    By default, the ban times are in UTC. In order to change it to your timezone, navigate to the "site settings" tab at https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings.
    As I see, your ban will expire at 23:07 (Central European Time). 
  3. NeonLeon's post in Winter-mod is always active was marked as the answer   
    I am not sure at this point, because after the new update a few more players had this problem. Have you checked that your season effects are deactivated?
    Tab > Graphics > Season effects.
  4. NeonLeon's post in "Can not create game process." was marked as the answer   
    Make sure you have selected the correct installation path for the game. ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2
    1.Right click TruckersMP Launcher
    4.Check "Run this program as Administrator"
  5. NeonLeon's post in report time was marked as the answer   
    All times in TruckersMP are based on UTC time (excluding in-game time). This is what your report should have in it when submiting one on the website.

    It is based on UTC time so that it provides an even playing field for everyone in different time zones. (It is also the "Universal" time zone that is used by everyone around the world)
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