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  1. Count me in if there is a truckfest as I'll come in as a solo entry or with my vtc
  2. It will be a great dlc driving around utah, can't wait to try it out.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to see who in this forum that can help me. I'm looking a new volvo for my vtc please. Thanks.
  4. I'll probably go Volvo FH16 as I'm a big fan of Volvo and enjoy driving them in game.
  5. I have Real Farming, FIA Truck championships, Eurofighter Typhoon, Flight Sim x and FS15 (May buy FS19 sometime)
  6. PlayStation but I take a pc anyday.
  7. Mostly everything to be honest, love towing heavy haul type loads without escorts but the ones with escorts are a nightmare with trying to speed up but you are at a certain limit.
  8. I'm 26 and have had my licence for driving cars and vans since I was 18/19
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